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Dr. Obar I. Irom

Lecturer II
History and International Studies

Qualification: B. A (Hons) History , M.A History, Ph.D African History Areas of Research Interest: genderstudies,philosophy of history, economic history PUBLICATION LIST 1. Irom, Obar A, “The Origins and Contributions of Asians to the Evolutions of Modern day East Africa.”InJournal of Globalization and International Studies, 6, 1 &2, January-December, l 2012: 111 – 116. ISSN: 0189-9260. 2. Irom Obar A, “Russia and the Advent of the Cold War.”In Journal of Research and Contemporary Issues, (JRCI), 8, (1 & 2), January-December. 2013: 104 – 120. ISSN: 0189-9317. 3. Irom Obar A, “The Contribution of Commonwealth to World Diplomacy: 1960-Present.”In African Journal of Economy and Society, 13, (1), 2014: 119-131. ISSN: 117-3890. 4 Irom Obar A. “From Nigerian Youth Movement to Militant Youths: Bridging the Gap between Educational Policy and History in Youth Development.” In Lafia Journalof Africa and Heritage Studies (LJAHS),1, 2016: 147-167. ISSN: 2579-0552.
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