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Prof. Imeyen Akpan Noah

Modern Lang. and Trans. Studies

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: I was offered appointment as lecturer II in a letter Ref. UC/R. 31/48 date 17th March, 1977. I took up the appointment the following month. My appointment was confirmed in a letter Ref. No. UC/EST/LANG/PFS.008 dated December 11, 1970, with effect from 30th day of April, 1979. Then followed my promotions up to the rank of Professor as per the letter Ref. UC/SE/LAN/PF.008 of 27th March, 2009, with effect from October 1, 2008. EDUCATION: - PhD, University of Ottawa, Canada, 1986 - MA, La Sorbonne, Paris III, 1975 - BA, Université de Toulouse, France, 1974 - NCE, A.B.U. Zaria, 1971 - WASC, Division 1, Regina Coeli College, Essene, Ikot Abasi LGA, 1964. GRANTS/FELLOWSHIPS: - 1982 – 1986 University of Ottawa, on in-service grant for Ph.D programme from the University of Calabar. - October-December, 1991. Université de Paris 7. On a two month Research Fellowship in Oral Literature from the French Government. AWARDS/HONOURS: - Adviser, National Association of Mkpat Enin Students. - Adaha AkwaI bom (Pillar of AkwaIbom State) by the Council Of Akwa Ibom Community in Cross River State. - Named “Poet of the Year 1995” by the International Society of Poets, Maryland, U.S.A. - Excellence Award from Akwa Ibom Youth Movement in recognition of outstanding contributions to Development in Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria. November 2006. - Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria for Excellence in Organizational Administration. April 2006. - “Prix d’Honneur” by Languages Students’ Association (LANSA) University of Calabar, 2010. - “Leadership Distinction Award” by the Nigeria Organization For Youths Advancement, (NOYA), May, 2010. In recognition of outstanding Leadership Potentials, Remarkable Accomplishments and Contributions Toward Youth Empowerment in Nigeria. 2010. - “Best Head of Department” by the Nigeria Institute For Democracy and Good Governance (NIDGG), June 2010. For inspirational leadership qualities, exemplary managerial and administrative acumen and invaluable, contributions to our dear country, Nigeria. - Award of Excellence BY THE Students’ Union Government, University of Calabar, for “Immense Contribution to Students Welfare and the Society at large”,19th June, 2015. - “Pillar of Democracy” from Nigerian Progressive Forum in Conjunction with “citizens for Democracy and Good Governance Leadership, May, 29, 2010. TEACH: Courses in Oral Literature, Francophone Literature, French Language and Literature at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. TALKS: In many fora within and outside the university. JOURNAL REVIEWER/EDITOR EXPERIENCES/REVIEW PANELS: Reviewed many articles and papers for publication Member of Editorial Board of several journals. GRADUATE STUDENT/POST-DOC/RESEARCH SCIENTISTS MENTORING: Supervised 10 Ph.D students, 15 masters students.

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Showing All Conferences Attended

Presented a paper on: “Nigerian Literature in French: Ibibio Folktales”.
3rd June - 7th June,1990.The 7th Conference of the Literary Society of Nigeria (LSN). Department of English Language and Linguistics,University of Jos.
Start: Sunday 3rd June, 1990
End: Thursday 7th June, 2018
Presented paper on “Oral Literature and the School System”.
29th August - 1 September 1988. Lagos State University Conference of Language, Linguistics and Literatures.
Start: Monday 29th August, 1988
End: Thursday 1st September, 1988
Presented a paper on “Once upon a time “Understanding the Mythological Formula”.
3rd -7th November, 1997. 15th Annual Conference of the Linguistics Association of Nigeria, Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto.
Start: Monday 3rd November, 1997
End: Friday 7th November, 1997
Presented a paper on “Indigenous poetry and Socio-Political Change”.
8th - 11th Feb., 1989. MLAN Conference at University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
Start: Wednesday 8th February, 1989
End: Saturday 11th February, 1989
Presented a paper on “The Mythological Tree: A History of Myths, Legends and Folktales”.
21st -24th October 1997. International Conference on “Perspectives in Mythology” at the University of Ghana.
Start: Tuesday 21st October, 1997
End: Friday 24th October, 1997
Presented a paper on “Proverbs and Culture: The Ibibio Experience”.
20-22 September, 1995.The Banjo Colloquium, University of Ibadan.
Start: Wednesday 20th September, 1995
End: Friday 22nd September, 1995
Presented paper on “Le fantastique dans la literature africaine”.
29 August - 9 September,1981: FILLM Conference at Arizona State University, U.S.A.
Start: Saturday 29th August, 1981
End: Wednesday 9th September, 1981
14th Annual Conference of the Linguistics Association. of Nigeria.
24th -28th September, 1995. 14th Annual Conference of the Linguistics Association. of Nigeria, Ondo State University.
Start: Sunday 24th September, 1995
End: Thursday 28th September, 1995
Presented a paper on “La France dans Les Contesd’ Amadou Koumba”.
4th _ 7th November, 1998.First Annual Conference of Nigeria University French Teachers Association, University of Jos.
Start: Wednesday 4th November, 1998
End: Saturday 7th November, 1998
Presented a paper on: “Les contes traditionnnels: La Problematique du language”.
28th July - 1st August, 1991, 12th Annual Conference of the Linguistics Association of Nigeria (LAN).Imo State University, Okigwe.
Start: Sunday 28th July, 1991
End: Thursday 1st August, 1991
The XVIth Conference of the Linguistics Association of Nigeria, National Institute for Nigerian Languages, Aba.
7th - 11th December, 1998. The XVIth Conference of the Linguistics Association of Nigeria, National Institute for Nigerian Languages, Aba.
Start: Monday 7th December, 1998
End: Friday 11th December, 1998
Annual Conference and AGM at University of Calabar.
13th -18th November, 2011. Annual Conference and AGM at University of Calabar.Chairman, Local Organizing Committee of University French Teachers Association of Nigeria.
Start: Sunday 13th November, 2011
End: Friday 18th November, 2011
A two month Research Fellowship on Oral Literature.
11th October - 9th December 1991. “Universite de Paris 7:U.F.R. de Science de Texteset Documents”.
Start: Friday 11th October, 1991
End: Monday 9th December, 1991
Presented paper on “Ibibio Fables: A drama of Human qualities”.
6-8 May, 1977. 7th Annual International Conference of African Literature and the English Language, at the University of Calabar.
Start: Friday 6th May, 1977
End: Sunday 8th May, 1977
Presented paper on “Le fantastique africain et le fantastique occidental”.
26-30 March, 1980. MLAN Conference at the University of Benin.
Start: Wednesday 26th March, 1980
End: Sunday 30th March, 1980
Conference on “Les autres litteratures” at the Cornwall Campus.
9-10 March, 1984.University of Ottawa.
Start: Friday 9th March, 1984
End: Saturday 10th March, 1984
Presented a paper on: “Oral Tradition in Nigerian Culture”.
Canadian University Services Overseas(CUSO) Primary Health Care Seminar. 25th - 31st May,1990.
Start: Friday 25th May, 1990
End: Thursday 31st May, 1990
Presented paper on “The Course System and the Teaching Languages”.
22-25, February,1981.MLAN Conference at the University of Ife.
Start: Sunday 22nd February, 1981
End: Wednesday 25th February, 1981
Presented a paper on: L’Enseignement de la literature orale”.
3rd - 7 November,2002. Nigeria University French Teachers’ Association Conference, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife.
Start: Sunday 3rd November, 2002
End: Thursday 7th November, 2002
Presented paper on “L’Enseignement de la literature orale”.
4-7 April,1988.National Conference on French Studies in Nigeria, Bayero University, Kano.
Start: Monday 4th April, 1988
End: Thursday 7th April, 1988
Presented a paper on “Le Probleme du style dans les contes d’Amadou Koumba”.
5th - 9th November, 2006. Conference on French Studies and the African Unity, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
Start: Sunday 5th November, 2006
End: Thursday 9th November, 2006
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