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Bishop. Michael Peter Okom

Associate Professor
Private and Property Law

I am an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law, University of Calabar. I have been recommended for Professorship by the Department and Faculty. I am married with four children. Extracurricularly, I run a Gospel Ministry, Fellowship of (Divine) Love Bible Ministry and an NGO, Life Resources Network (with focus on Youth Mentorship, Empowerment and Advocacy). I am also deeply involved in humanitarian work for distressed people. In my academic career, I have published many books and articles nationally and internationally. My hobbies include reading and sport.

A Critical Appraisal of the Doctrine of UltraVirus in Company Law, (UNICAL Private Law Journal). - 2005

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Banking Law and the Nigerian Economy, (Book Chapter), (Vitalis Books) - 1999

The Legal Regime of Corruption in Nigeria, (IPPA Journal, UNICAL) - 2000

Intellectual Property Protection in Nigeria, (IPPA Journal, UNICAL) - 2002

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Reforming the Nigerian Prison System, (Department of Sociology Journal) - 2010

Recruitment of Law Teachers in the 21st century (National Association of Law Teachers Conference Proceedings) - 2010


Comparative Analysis of the Organization of American States and the African Union (Nigerian Bar Association Journal) - 2012

Law and Science, (Philosophy and the Rise of Modern Science – Contributory Book, Department of Philosophy, UNICAL). - 2011

Municipal Law as a Basis for Invalidating the Provisions of a Treaty, (Calabar University Law Journal – Accepted for Publication) - 2012

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Experience, Institute of Public Policy and Administration UNICAL, Iconrad 

Adenauer Foundation, 2004, Pp. 295 – 310.

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Policing and United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (accepted for Publication “ESSAYS IN HONOUR OF M. D. ABUBAKAR – Inspector General of Police”).

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“Economic Integration in ECOWAS: 40 Years After” European Scientific Journal, (Vol. 12, No. 19, 2016).

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