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Pure and Applied Chemistry

An academic Staff and inventor of Quantum Machine for the generation of quantum water with highly therapeutic effect.

Emmanuel N. Nfor, FeliciteMajoumo-Mbe, Peter T. Ndifon, Emmanuel O. Duke, Evans N. Mainsah, Offiong E. Offiong, Ededet A. Eno (2013) Synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic properties of bis(aqua)[µ-(terepthalato-ko,ko’)]copper(II)monohydrate [Cu(C8O4)(OH2)2].H2OJournal of Solid State Chemistry 201: 133–136.

E .N. Nfor, E. A. Eno, J. N. Foba-Tendo, G. E. Iniama, E. O. Duke and O. E. Offiong (2012) COPPER(II) MALONATE COORDINATION FRAMEWORKS WITH AMINO-1,2,4-TRIAZOLE: CRYSTAL STRUCTURES AND MAGNETIC PROPERTIES OF[Cu2(mal)2(datz)2(H2O)].5H2O and [Cu2(mal)2(atz)2(H2O)].3 H2O Journal of Structural Chemistry 53(6): 1118 – 1124.

Grace E. Iniama, Ayi, Ayi, Peter C. Okafor Chris Edem, Emmanuel E. O. Duke (2014) Copper (II) mixed-Ligand complexes of 2-acetylpyridine-N(4)-substituted thiosemicarbazones and nitrogen-sulphurmonodentate ligands: Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity International Journal of Applied Chemistry 10(1): 67 – 76.

U. U. Umoh, S. F. Dan and Okon, E. E. Duke (2014) Commelinabenghalensis and Ipomoea pes-caprae as Indicators of Heavy Metal Contamination along Mobil Terminal Operational Base, Niger-Delta, Nigeria. Journal of Academia and Industrial Research 3(5): 225 – 228.

G. E. Iniama, E. N. Nfor, E. D. Okon and I. T. Iorkpiligh (2014) Antimicrobial Activities of Synthesized Zinc(II) Mixed-Ligand Complexes Derived From 2-Acetylpyridine-4-Phenylsemicarbazone And Nitrogen-Sulphurmonodentate Ligands:

V N Osabor, Okon, Emmanuel E Duke and C A Edem (2016) Thermal Decomposition Studiesof Clays from Odukpani, South-South Nigeria by Differential Thermal and Thermogravimetric Analytical Techniques:

Emmanuel E. Duke Okon, V. N Osabor and Bassey. E. Inah (2016) The Application of Infra Red (Ir) SpectroscopyFor Rapid Characterization of Clays From Odukpani South Eastern Nigeria: International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research 7(2): 918 – 926.

Emmanuel E. Duke Okon V. N. Osabor and G. E. Iniama (2016) Synthesis, Spectroscopic Studies and Co-ordination mode of three Schiff Bases, N-benzylidene-(o-, m- and p-) nitroimine complexes of Zn(II):

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