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Lecturer II
Public Administration

DR, Otu Offiong Duke, is a lecturer in Department of Public Administration University of Calabar.He is hail from Calabar South Local Government area of Cross River State. He was employed into the University of Calabar in 2010.He obtain his B.Sc in Public Administration in 1999-2002, M.Sc in 2012, Ph.D in 2015.He has published 10 journal both locally and +2348035492186.

Etim, E. E., Odey, J. (Jr), and Duke, O. O. (2017). International Politics of Oil Monomania and Food Security: The Nigerian Case. Asian Research Journal of Arts and Social Sciences.3(4).

Etim, E. E., Duke, O. O., and Odey, J. (Jr). (2017). The Implications of Food Insecurity, Poverty and Hunger on Nigeria’s National Security. Asian Research Journal of Arts and Social Sciences,4(2).

Duke, O. O. and Dickson D. A (2017). The Pursuit of Good Governance and the Anti-Financial Corruption Blitz in Nigeria; A study of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Asian Research Journal of Arts and Social Sciences, 2(4).

Duke, O. O., Agbaji, D. D. and Bassey, O. (2017). Corruption and the challenges of Boko Haram Terrorism in Nigeria; A Case of the Nigerian Armed Forces. Asian Journal of Arts and Social Sciences,4(2).

Enor, F. N and Duke, O. O. (2013). Local Government Creation in Nigeria and its Implications for Inter-groups Relations; The Case of AgbokimMgbabo in Ikom Urban II,Cross River State,7(22).

Chris, I. N and Duke, O. O. (2015). The Implication of the 2011 General Elections on Democracy and Good Governance in Nigeria: Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal,2(7).

Duke O. O., Dickson, D. A. and Etim, E. E. (2016).The Upsurging Waves of Islamic Fundamentalism and the Case for Nigeria’s Development: Institution, Structural Processes and System.International Journal of Innovative Research and Development.5(13).

Duke, O. O., Odey J. (Jr), and Etim, E. E. (2017). The Role of State in Curbing Ethnic and Religious Crises in Nigeria as a Federation. International Journal of Advanced Research in Public Policy, Social Development and Enterprise Studies. 2(1)

Nwagboso, C. I. and Duke, O. O. (2012).Rural development programme implementation in developing countries: The experience of China and India.Global Journal of Human Social Sciences,12(11).

Nwagboso, C. I. and Duke, O. O. (2012).Nigeria and the challenges of leadership in the 21st century: A critique.International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences,2(13).

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International climate change and Population Conference on African,
Dr. U Ijim Agbor and Dr. Otu Duke (2014). International climate change and Population Conference on African, July 22-25-2014; University of Ghana, Accra. Topic: Traditional Leadership, spiritualism and Climate change in Nigeria; Implication for communal society and migration in turbulent locales.
Start: Tuesday 22nd July, 2014
End: Friday 25th July, 2014
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