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Prof. Ernest B. Asikong


Professor Ernest Bassey Etta Asikong holds; B.Sc, M.Sc and Ph.D in Microbiology with specific bias in Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology. He was Acting Head of the Department of Microbiology, University of Calabar. He is target oriented, focused, articulate, reliable, trustworthy, astute, resourceful, innovative and highly imaginative in thoughts. He is also a team player, emotionally and physically stable and completes task on schedule. He has held several positions within and outside the University including Examination Officer, Academic Adviser, Member Examination malpractice committees, Faculty Member, coordination of Pre-Degree Biology etc. He is one time Chairman Nigerian Environmental Society-NES Cross River State Chapter. He successfully hosted the Annual General Meeting-AGM and Conference during his tenure as chairman. He was appointed Deputy Editor in Chief Journal of Nigerian Environmental Society JNES. He also belongs to several other professional groups. He has won several awards including best science teacher, NYSC state award, best staff-students relationship award, Award of Excellence etc. He has published widely in local and international scientific Journals. He has written several scholarly books including Introduction to Environmental Microbiology, Pollution and waste Management. He is also an Environmental consultant, especially on Environmental Impact Assessment-EIA and Bioremediation. His Ph.D Thesis on “Biogas generation from Water hyacinth, Cassava Peels, Poultry Droppings and Cow-dung in Cross River State, Nigeria” is a scholarly research contribution to knowledge and Science and has won Science and Technology Education Post Basic-Innovators of Tomorrow STEP-B- IOT Award and Cross River State grant. Dr Asikong is a Christian, proudly married to Mrs Margaret E. Asikong, and are blessed with children, Emmanuella, Favour and Divine. [2] EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS ATTENDED WITH DATES  University of Calabar, Calabar - 2005-2011  University of Calabar, Calabar - 1991-1995  University of Calabar, Calabar - 1982-1986  Agbo Comprehensive Secondary School, Egboronyi, Abi LGA - 1975-1980  Govt. Pri. Sch. Itigidi and St Bens. Pri. Sch. Agbara, Ekureku, Abi LGA. 1970-1975. [ 3] ACADEMIC/ PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS  Ph.D Environmental Microbiology& Biotechnology - 2011  M.Sc (Hons) Microbiology - 1995  B.Sc (Hons) Microbiology (Second Class Upper) - 1986  WASC - 1980  First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) Distinction - 1975 [4] EMPLOYMENT AND WORKING EXPERIENCE;  Former Acting Head of Department, Microbiology Department, University of Calabar, Calabar 2012-2014  Federal University Lafia, Nassarawa State, on Sabbatical Leave 2015-2016  University of Calabar, as Lecturer Currently as Professor 1993-date  UNICEF Assisted Water & Environmental Sanitation Project (WATSAN), (now RUWATSSA) Laboratory), as Principal, Microbiologist, Water Quality & Environmental Analyst - 1992  Post Primary School Management Board, CRS As Principal Master (III) Biology (Grade Level 13) - 1988-1992  General Hospital, Wukari, Taraba State As Microbiologist – NYSC - 1986-1987 [5] SCHOLARSHIPS AND PRIZES: (List scholarships and prizes won prior to and during University Teaching career) (i) The only Microbiology student with Second Class (Hons) Upper division in 1986 graduating class. (ii) Supervisor of 2nd prize student winning project at Science Teachers Association of Nigeria (STAN) National Conference/ science exhibition competitions in 1988 and 1989 at Ibadan and Minna, respectively. (iii) Promotion on merit to grade level 09 by Cross River State Government in 1989 from 08 within one year due to (iii) above. (iv) Federal Government Scholarship Award for Master of Science M.Sc. programme 1990/91. (v) Federal Government Scholarship Award for Master of Science M.Sc. programme. 1991/1992. [6] HONOURS AND DISTINCTIONS. i) First School Leaving Certificate- Distinction ii). Gold Award as Best lecturer on student/lecturer relationship by 2005 graduating class of Microbiology Department, University of Calabar, Calabar iii). Award of Excellence by National Association of Microbiology Students (NAMS) University of Calabar Chapter. 2012 iv). Award of Honour by National Association of Science Students (NASS), Faculty of Science, 2013. v) Award of Honour by Students Union Government (SUG), University of Calabar, Friday 11th April, 2014. vi) Award of Honour by Students Union Government (SUG), University of Calabar, 19th June, 2015 vii) Award of Honour by National Association of Microbiology Students (NAMS) University of Calabar Chapter. 2016. viii) Best graduating microbiology student in 1986 graduating class (only student with second class (Hons.) Upper Division). ix) Best science teacher, Cross River State 1989.

M. E. Eja, S.M. Udoh and B. E. Asikong (2003). Bioremediation potential of bacillus species in oil polluted soil from Auto-mechanic workshops in Calabar Nigeria. African Journal of Environmental Pollution and Health 2 (I and 2) 11- 18. (Local journal)

Asikong,B.E. and Ebana, R.U.B (1999), Hydrocarbon degraders of environmental pollution by petrol stations in Calabar. International Journal of Tropical Environmental 2;167-178 (Local journal)

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Grillo, J.A., Asikong, B. E. and Moro D.D. (2004) Determination of potency of crude extraction of Cassia alantai and Azadirachta indica against fungal deterioration of some stored food products in Nigeria. Journal of research and review in Science vol 3. 97-101. (Local journal). (Local journal)

Mathew E. Eja, Bassey E. Asikong, Sunde M. Udoh, Clement I. Mboto, Gidding E. Arikpo. (2006). Microbiological and biochemical assessment of the surface area of breast nipples and breast milk of lactating women in Calabar, Southeastern Nigeria. The Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical medicine and Public Health Vol. 37 (1,). 215-221.(indexed in Google scholar-Foreign Journal)

Mathew, Egbobor Eja, Comfort A. Etok, Bassey E. Asikong, Clement I. Mboto and Giddings E. Arikpo. (2006).Incidence of enteric bacteria pathogens in water found at the bottom of commercial freezers in Calabar, Southeastern Nigeria. Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health 37 (2,) 394-399. (indexed in Google scholar, Foreign Journal).

B.E. Asikong, M .E. Eja. S. M. Udo, C. I. Mboto, I. E. Uwah, and P.C. Okafor. (2006). Impacts associated with refined petroleum products and effluents at NNPC tank farm environment in Calabar, South- South, Niger Delta- Nigeria. Afr J. Environ. Pollut. Health 5(2) 5 7-64. (Local journal)

Mathew Egbobor Eja, Bassey E. Asikong, Clement I. Mboto, Edet E.Anwan and H. Enyidor.(2007). A Comparative Assessment of the Antimicrobial Effects of Garlic (Allium Sativum) and Antibiotics on Diarrheagenic Organisms. Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health 38 (2). 344-352. (indexed in Google scholar Foreign Journal)

B. E. Asikong, M. E. Eja, C.I. Mboto and C. Abriba. (2007), Microbial Contamination of Nigerian Currency: A potential health risk to handlers. Global Journal of Medical Sciences Vol. 6(7), 35-40. (indexed in Google scholar -Local journal)

C.I. Mboto, M.E. Eja, A.A. Adegoke, G.D. Iwatt, B.E. Asikong, I Takon, S.M Udo and M Akeh.(2009) Phytochemical properties and antimicrobial activities of combined effect of extracts of the leaves of Garcinia kola, Vernonia amygdalina and honey on some medically important microorganisms. African Journal of Microbiology Research vol. 3 (9), 557-559. (indexed and cited in Google scholar-Local journal).

Udensi,O.,Ikpeme,E.V,. Uyoh, E.A., Ekpo I.A., Brisibe,E.A and Asikong, B.E. (2010). Effect of Starch Acetylation on Bioplastics-Degrading Microorganisms: A Pointer to Assessing Biodegradation. International Journal of Current Research Vol 7,pp 037-040.(Foreign Journal).

Obieze K.O., Ogbuagu C.N., Asikong B.E., Onyido A.E., Ogolo B.A (2010). Bacteriological Study Of Vegetables From Markets Of Calabar Cross-River State Southeastern Nigeria. The Internet Journal of Public Health. Volume 1 Number 2. (Local journal)

Asikong, B. E1, Epoke, J.2, Eja E. M.3 and Antai, E.E.4 (2012). Potentials of biogas generation by combination of cassava peels (CP) and poultry droppings (PD) in Cross River State- Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Microbiology.Vol. 26:2521-2532. (Local journal)

Asikong Bassey E, Epoke James, Agbo Bassey E., Antai E. E. and Eja Matthew E. (2013), Four potentials of biogas yield from cow dung-CD. European Journal of Experimental Biology, 3(3):273-282. Foreign Journal

Asikong Bassey E. Epoke James, Eja E. Matthew and Effiom E. Henshaw (2013). Effects of starter culture on biogas production from combination of poultry droppings and cow dung in Cross River State, Nigeria. Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology Research, 3 (2):19-25 (indexed and cited in Google scholar, Foreign Journal).

Asikong, Bassey E, Epoke, James and Antai, E.E..(2012). Potentials of biogas generation by water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) and cassava (Manihot esculentum) peels in Cross River State- Nigeria. Global Journal of Environmental Sciences (GJES). Vol.11 1 and 2. . Indexed and Abstracted on AJOL(UK): http://www.ajol.infoChemical Abstract (USA) CAB ABSTRACTS (UK). (Local journal).

B.E. Asikong, J. Epoke, B.E Agbo, E.E Antai and M.E. Eja. (2013). Potentials of Biogas generation from Mixture of Three substrates, Water Hyacinth, Cassava peels and Cow Dung-Wh Cp Cd. Chemical and Process Engineering Research 17,1-11. Foreign Journal

Clement Ibi Mboto , Bassey E. Asikong , Josiah Lennox and Ubong David Lawson( 2013). Hepatitis C virus prevalence rate and risk factors in jaundice and non- jaundice in-patients seen in two tertiary health facilities in South Nigeria. Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology Research, 3 (4):1-6. (indexed and cited in Google scholar, Foreign Journal)

Bassey I.U., A.A. Brooks, B.E Asikong and I.E Andy.(2015). Environmental and Public health Aspects of Solid Waste Management at the Lemna Dumpsite in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. International Journal of Tropical diseases and health. Galley Proof.

Clement Abriba, J. A. Lennox, Bassey E. Asikong, Atim Asitok Ikpoh S. Ikpoh, Effiom E. Henshaw, Matthew E. Eja.(2013), Isolation of aflatoxin producing species of Aspergillus from foodstuffs sold in calabar markets, Cross River State, Nigeria. Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology Research, 3 (1):8-13. (indexed and cited in Google scholar, Foreign Journal)

B. E. Asikong, O. U.Udensi, J. Epoke, E. M. Eja and E. E. Antai (2014). Microbial Analysis and Biogas Yield of Water Hyacinth, Cow Dung and Poultry Dropping Fed Anaerobic Digesters. British Journal of Applied Science and Technology 4(4): 650-661, Foreign Journal.

Bassey, I.U., Andy, I.E., Asikong, B.E and Brooks, A.A. (2015). Potentials of Organic Fertilizer Application as Biocontrol for Some Soil Borne Fungal Pathogens in Ogoja- Nigeria. Journal of Biopesticides and environment. ISSN 2449-1284 (online)

Asikong Ernest B. E. Chuku Aleruchi. Orole, Kayode and Obande Godwin (2016). Evaluation of renewable energy and bio-fertilizer potential of cow dung and poultry droppings. Presented at the Annual Research Conference of Federal University of Lafia. (2016).

Asikong, Ernest B. Etta1, Epoke, James2 and Ayade Ben3 (2015) Potentials of Biogas Generation by a Combination of Four Substrates; Water Hyacinth (Eichornia crassipes), Cassava (Manihot esculentum) peels, Poultry Droppings and Cow Dung. Nigerian society for microbiology (NSM). 38th NSM conference held on 1st of 5th September, 2015. Theme. The role of microbiology in national economic transformation. at Microbiology Department, University of Lagos, Akola Nigeria.

Asikong, Ernest B. E., Akpuchukwu, Vivian., Chuku, Aleruchi and Obande Godwin (2016). Comparative study of bacteriological quality of NAFDAC registered and unregistered sachet water sold in Lafia metropolis.

ASIKONG, ERNEST B. ETTA1 AND AYADE B. B. (2015). Effects of Anaerobic Digestion in Facilitation of Organic Fertilizer Formation and Improvement in food Security in Nigeria. Presented at the 25th Annual General meeting/Conference of Nigerian Environmental Society – NES Owerri (2015).

Dominic R. Tiku, B. E. Asikong and U. I. Ubi (2016). Heavy Metal Tolerance Profile among Bacteria from Auto-mechanic Workshop and Pristine Soil. British Microbiology Research Journal 12 (6): 1-10. Article no. BMJRJ.23597. (foreign Journal).

Dominic, R. Tiku and B. E. Asikong (2016). Waste Oil Biodegradation Potential among Bacteria Isolates from Waste Oil and Pristine Soils. British Biotechnological Journal 11(4): 1-9. (foreign Journal).

Mmuoegbulam, O. A., S.P. Antai and E. B. E. Asikong (2016). Histopathological Effects of Enterotoxigenic Klebsiella varicola and Enterobacter Species Isolated from Iko River-Nigeria. International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) Vol. 5(4) 448-491. Impact factor (2015) 6.391. (foreign Journal).

D.R. Tiku and B. E. Asikong (2015). A Study of Bacteriological and Physiological Characteristics in Soils of Auto-mechanic and none Auto-mechanic Workshop Soils from selected Areas in Calabar Metropolis. Accepted for publication by British Microbiology Research Journal (Galley proof).

Aleruchi Chuku, Lawrence B. Etim, Godwin Attah Obande and Bassey E. Asikong (2016) Bacteriological Quality of Fresh Raw Beef and Chevon Retailed in Lafia Metropolis. Journal of Microbiology Research 6(2).

Ernest B.Etta Asikong, Tiku Dominic Reuben and Chinere Urom (2016). Bacterial succession in Biogas generation from African Wild Cocoyam (Colocasia esculentum), Poultry droppings and cassava (Manihut esculentum) liquor. International Journal of Current Research in Biosciences and Plant Biology. (3) 10. ISSN 2349-8080(Online). (Foreign Journal).

Abbas, Abel Anzaku1; Ernest Bassey Asikong2; Akeh, Martins1; Upla, Peter1; Tuluma, Terungwa Keneth3.(2017) Antimicrobial Activity of Coconut Oil and its Derivative (Lauric Acid) on Some Selected Clinical Isolates. International Journal of Medical Science and Clinical Inventions 4(8): 3173-3177. (Foreign Journal).

MMUOEGBULAM, OLUCHI AUGUSTA; 1ANTAI, SYLVESTER P.; 2OLIVEIRA, MAIA.VALERIA, 3IROEGBU, CHRISTIAN. U., 1ASIKONG, ERNEST B. ETTA AND 2BELGINI, DAIANI R. B. (2018) Phylogenetic Classification, Antibiogram and Plasmid Profiling of Enterotoxigenic Klebsiella variicolaand Enterobacter species Isolated from Iko River- Nigeria American society of Microbiology ASM. Annual Conference Poster presentation. USA.

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(ii) International Symposium and Workshop on Biotechnology for Development in Africa. By FADIB,
FADIB, 12-13th September, 1994 at Enugu. Attended as participant.
Start: Monday 12th September, 1994
End: Tuesday 13th September, 1994
(i) International Workshop on Biotechnology and Food. Organized by Foundation for African Development through International Biotechnology FADIB
FADIB 10-23rd April, 1994, at Enugu. Attended as participant.
Start: Sunday 10th April, 1994
End: Saturday 23rd April, 1994
(vi) 9th Annual General Meeting/1999 World Environmental Day Conference of the Nigeria Environmental Society (NES)
(NES) held from 2nd - 4th June, 1999. In Port-Harcourt. Presidential Hotel Aba Road P.H.
Start: Wednesday 2nd June, 1999
End: Friday 4th June, 1999
(iii) International Workshop on Genetic Engineering
Genetic Engineering 14-24th September, 1994 at Enugu. Attended as participant.
Start: Wednesday 14th September, 1994
End: Saturday 24th September, 1994
(x) 13th Annual General Meeting (AGM) and conference of the Nigeria Environmental Society (NES) held in Bayelsa State.
13th Annual General Meeting (AGM) and conference of the Nigeria Environmental Society (NES) held in Bayelsa State. 22-25 October, 2003
Start: Wednesday 22nd October, 2003
End: Saturday 25th October, 2003
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