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Mr. Mowang Dominic Awam

Assistant Lecturer
Zoology and Environmental Biology

An Environmental Pollution and Toxicologist in the Department of Zoology and Environmental Biology

Ndome, C. B; Mowang, D. A; and Ayibaemi, T.T (2013).Comparative acute toxicity of detergents (Omo and Ariel) on fingerlings of the Clarias gariepinus x Heterobranchus longifilis hybrid. International Journal of the Bioflux Society 6(4):415 – 420. The Journal is available at

Arong, G. A; Oku E.E; Obhiokhenan A.A; Adetunji B. A; Mowang D. A. (2011). Protectant ability of xylopia aethiopica and piper guineense leaves against the cowpea bruchid Callosobruchus maculatus (Fab). World Journal of Science and Technology 2011,1(7):14-19.The Journal is available at www.worldjournalof

Arong, G. A; Adetunji B .A; Mowang D.A. and Odu A.E.(2013). Comparative distribution of ticks on dogs in the Calabar Metropolis, South- South Nigeria. European Journal of Zoological Research 2(4):14-18.The Journal is available at

George U.U; Idung J.U; Andem A.B; Okorafor K. A; Mowang D. A. (2013).Diet Composition Factor of Ethmalosa fimbrata in the Cross River Estuary. Greener Journals of Biological Sciences 3(6) pp.244 – 252.The Journal is available at

Okorafor K. A; Andem A. B; Mowang D. A and Akpan U.U. (2013).Diversity and spartial distribution of zooplankton in the intertidal regions of Calabar river, Cross River State,Nigeria. Advances in Applied Science Research 4(4):224 – 231.The Journal is available at

Mowang, D. A., Ajang, R. O., Ndome, C. B. and Effanga E. O. (2015). Acute toxicity of water soluble fraction, water insoluble fraction and whole crude (bonny light) on the development and growth of one week and two weeks old tadpoles of the Crowned bull frog (Hoplobatrachus occipitalis) in Calabar, Nigeria. Vol. 2 (1): 36-46. This Journal is available at

Christopher B.Ndome, Dominic A. Mowang , Kalu A. Okorafor, and Faith G.Ikpabi (2014). Heavy metal concentrations in the bank root sediments of the Calabar River, adjacent to the Marina resort, Calabar. AES Bioflux 6(3):209 – 213.This journal is available at

Ndome, C. B. Mowang, D. A., Okorafor, K. A and Nkereuwem B. A. (2014). Physico-chemical parameters of the Tinapa Lake, Calabar, Nigeria.Vol 1(7):35 - 39.

Ndome, C. B. Mowang, D. A., Okorafor, K. A., and Etiese, L. F. (2014). Characterization of some heavy metal concentrations in littoral the sediments of a Perturbed section of the Calabar River, near Marina Resort, Calabar, Nigeria. Vol.1(7) : 31-34.This Journal is available at

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