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Dr. Aniefon Ntuen-Udo Umana

Associate Professor

An associate professor of Ortorhinoloarycology, Head and neck surgery. A graduate of UNICAL, MBBCH 1988. A fellow of the west african post graduate medical college, faculty of Ortorhinoloarycology

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17th Merseyside Ear Course
17th Merseyside Ear Course, University Hospital Aintree, Liverpool United Kingdom. 8th – 10th June 2013
Start: Saturday 8th June, 2013
End: Monday 10th June, 2013
Merseyside Audiology Day Course
Merseyside Audiology Day Course, University Hospital Aintree, Liverpool United Kingdom. 10th June 2013
Start: Monday 10th June, 2013
End: Monday 10th June, 2013
17th Merseyside Ear Course
17th Merseyside Ear Course, University Hospital Aintree, Liverpool United Kingdom. 12th – 14th June 2013
Start: Wednesday 12th June, 2013
End: Friday 14th June, 2013
Research Methods and Statistics for Health
Research Methods and Statistics for Health, Calabar Institute of Tropical Diseases Research and Prevention, Calabar Nigeria. 15th-24th March 2009
Start: Sunday 15th March, 2009
End: Tuesday 24th March, 2009
Merseyside Balance Day Course
Merseyside Balance Day Course, University Hospital Aintree, Liverpool United Kingdom. 11th June 2013
Start: Tuesday 11th June, 2013
End: Tuesday 11th June, 2013
Research Methods and Data Management in Epidemiology
Research Methods and Data Management in Epidemiology, Calabar Institute of Tropical Diseases Research and Prevention, Calabar Nigeria. 9th-12th January, 2012.
Start: Monday 9th January, 2012
End: Thursday 12th January, 2012
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