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Dr. Godwin Abeng Ebughe

Senior Lecturer

I am a Senior lecturer in the Department of pathology Faculty of Medicine. My Research interest is in cancer in HIV Patients and endocrine cancer.

G. A. Ebughe, I. A. Ekanem, O. E. Omoronyia,,M. A. Nnoli1, V. J. Nwagbara, J. E. Udosen, M. S. Umoh and T. I. Ugbem,2016 .Age Specific Incidence of Breast Cancer in Calabar, Nigeria, International Journal of TROPICAL DISEASE & Health,16(4): 1-12

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G. A. Ebughe,O. E. Omoronyia2,T. I. Ugbem1, N. Usoro.and D. E. Ushie,2016 An Audit of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology Diagnosis of Breast Lesions in Calabar, Nigeria, International Journal of TROPICAL DISEASE and Health, 19(1): 1-8,

G. A. Ebughe, I. A. Ekanem, O. E. Omoronyia, A. J. Omotoso, B. U. Ago,T. U. Agan and T. I. Ugbem,2016; Incidence of Cervical Cancer in Calabar, Nigeria, Journal of Cancer and Tumor International3(2): 1-13,

Emmanuel A. Oga, Lisa M. Schumaker, BiodunSulymanAlabi, Darlington Obaseki, AniefonUman, Ima-AbasiBassey 2016, Godwin Ebughe, OlabodeOluwole,TeniolaAkeredolu, Sally N. Adebamowo, Patrick Dakum, Kevin Cullen, Clement A. Adebamowo,201 Paucity of HPV-Related Head and Neck Cancers (HNC) in Nigeria, PLoS ONE 11(4): e0152828. doi:10.1371/ journal.pone.0152828

E. E. L. Ekpe and G. A. Ebughe,2015, Usefulness of Ascitic Fluid Cholesterol and Protein in the Differential Diagnosis of Ascites in Nigeria:Comparison with Conventional Cytology International Journal of TROPICAL DISEASE & Health 8(1): 25-33

M.E. Asuquo ,V.I.C. Nwagbara , G. Ebughe ,B. Edem  E. Japhet,2014, Endemic (African) Kaposi Sarcoma: Presenting as Pathological Fracture of Left Tibia and Fibula J. Afr. Cancer  6:255-259,

Godwin AbengEbughe, Martin AnazodoNnoli, TheophilusIpehUgbem, Ayodele J. Omotoso. 2013, Rheumatoid Arthritis complicated with Systemic Amyloidosis Diagnosed at Autopsy: A Case Report, IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences (IOSR-JDMS). Volume 11, Issue 4 (Nov. – Dec., pp79 – 82

Godwin A. Ebughe, Gabriel U Ugare, Victor J. Nwagbara, J. E., Udosen, Martin A. Nnoli, Ogban E. Omoronyia, Cornelius C. Chukwuegbo, Theophilius I. Ugbem, Ima-AbasiBasseyAyodele J. Omotoso, EnembeOkokon; 2013, Histological type and Tumour Grade in Nigerian Breast Cancer: Relationship to Menarche, Family History of Breast Cancer, Parity, Age at First Birth, And Age at Menopause ISOR J. Den and Med. Sc, Vol. 7(5), May-June  pp 58-63

ME Asuquo, VI Nwagbara, C Agbor, S Akpan, G Ebughe and T Ugbem 2013 Giant Cell Tumour of Soft Tissue of the Finger:Case Report J ClinExpOncol 2:3

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M E. Asuquo, O.O.Otei, I.Bassey and G. Ebughe,2013.Occulocutaneous Albinism and skin cancer in Southern Nigeria  International Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences Vol. 5(1), pp. 3-5, January

M. E. Asuquo, V. I. Nwagbara, S. Akpan, G. Ebughe, T. Ugbem, I. M. Asuquo; 2013  Non-caseating submental tuberculous lymphadenopathy: A case report; case reports in clinical Medicine, Vol.2, No. 5, 291-293    

Godwin A Ebughe, Ima-ObongEkanem, Ayodele J Omotoso,MarcusInyama, Thomas U Agan, B U Ago, A Ibangha, Denis Nkangha,UEtiuma, Grace     Inah,2012 Malignancies     in AIDS patients: the experience of a tertiary hospital in a high prevalence zone. Infectious Agents and Cancer ,7(Suppl 1):P17

Maurice E. Asuquo, and Godwin Ebughe, 2012 Major dermatological     malignancies     encountered in the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital,     Calabar, southern Nigeria,     International Journal of Dermatology  51 (Suppl. 1):     32–36

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Maurice Asuquo, AniefonUmana, OteiOtei, ImabasiBassey, Godwin Ebughe    2009:     Kaposi Sarcoma in Calabar, Southern Nigeria OMJ JAN Vol.24 No. 24     No.1 P.33-36.

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Spencer E. E. Efem, Maurice E. Asuquo, Godwin Ebughe,2009,Malignant Melanoma in   an Albino ,Sudan, jms(4),403-6

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Asuquo, Maurice E; Agweye, Pius; Ugare, Gabriel, Ebughe, Godwin, 2007: Basal cell carcinoma in five albino Africans from the south-eastern equatorial rain forest of Nigeria. Int J Dermatol,01;46(7):754-6.taneous malignancy.

M. E. Asuquo, M.S. Umoh, and G. Ebughe, 2007, Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberance, Case Reports, Annals of Af. Med. Vol. 6, No.2: 80-88

A.EArchibong,J.J.Udoh,G.Ebughe,S.G.Akpan,E.I.Essiet, 2003 Traumatic Transection of the Ileum In a Neonate-Case Report (Review of the Literature) Global J. of Med. Sc., Vol2, No 2:187-188

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