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Prof. Raphael Pius Abia


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Operations Research conference
Operations Research conference for the prevention of maternal mortality, Kumasi, Ghana, 26th August – 11th September
Start: Thursday 26th August, 1993
End: Saturday 11th September, 1993
A workshop for Principals and Vice Principals of secondary schools
A workshop for Principals and Vice Principals of secondary schools. Organized by Niger Delta Development Commission (NNDC) for schools in Southern Nigeria. Paper presented - Monitoring and evaluation of teachers and students performances in secondary school system. May.
Start: Thursday 16th May, 2013
End: Thursday 16th May, 2013
Conscientising Nigeria male adolescent
Student Workshop I: Conscientising Nigeria male adolescent: Critical consciousness and violence against women. Paper presented - Violence against women: effects, management and rehabilitation of victims. August 2
Start: Friday 2nd August, 1996
End: Saturday 3rd August, 1996
Seminar for Social Workers
Seminar for Social Workers in Nigeria. Paper presented - Social Work Practice. Nigeria Perspective. June.
Start: Wednesday 22nd June, 2011
End: Wednesday 22nd June, 2011
Special Marshalls’ Workshop
Federal Road Safety Corps Akwa Ibom State Sector Command: Special Marshalls’ Workshop. “Advocacy as a tool for improved Road Safety activities”. Paper presented - Attracting political will for road safety: The role of the Special Marshalls. August.
Start: Thursday 23rd August, 2012
End: Thursday 23rd August, 2012
Workshop for Social Workers
Workshop for Social Workers in Akwa Ibom State. Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Welfare. Paper presented - “Social Work Practice in Nigeria. Jan. 2009
Start: Thursday 15th January, 2009
End: Thursday 15th January, 2009
Workshop for Christian Youth
Workshop for Christian Youth: The relevance and role of the youth in making of a better society. Paper presented - “The role of Christian youth in the resolution of the Niger-Delta Crisis. Calabar Metro-Youth Gathering. Uyo – Akwa Ibom State. July 2009.
Start: Tuesday 21st July, 2009
End: Tuesday 21st July, 2009
The role of teachers as agents of social change
The role of teachers as agents of social change in educational institutions. A paper presented: Christ Mandate Academy, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, June
Start: Tuesday 21st June, 2016
End: Tuesday 21st June, 2016
Family Life and Social Problems
Workshop for Air Force Wives. “Family Life and Social Problems: Paper presented - The Way Forward” HIV/AIDS: Social Perspective. Air Force Institute of Technology (AFDIT) NAF BASE, Kaduna State. Oct. 2008.
Start: Tuesday 28th October, 2008
End: Tuesday 28th October, 2008
Prevention of Maternal Mortality Network
Prevention of Maternal Mortality Network results conference, Accra, Ghana, June, 19 – 21.
Start: Wednesday 19th June, 1996
End: Friday 21st June, 1996
Centre for Teaching and Learning Excellence
University of Calabar, Centre for Teaching and Learning Excellence. Quality Teaching or Quality learning in Higher Education. Certificate of participation. February.
Start: Friday 15th February, 2013
End: Friday 15th February, 2013
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