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Prof. Anthony Udosen


Prof. Anthony Martin Udosen was born in April 1960 at Ikot Eyem in Obot Akara Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom state of Nigeria. Having obtained his first school leaving certificate with a distinction in 1973 and an excellent result in the General certificate examinations, he proceededto the University of Calabar where he obtained his Degree in Medicine and Surgery (MB; BCh) in 1987. He subsequently bagged the Professional Fellowship in Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery (FMCS Ortho) from the National Postgraduate College of Nigeria in 1999. He is also a fellow of the West African College of Surgeons FWACS as well as fellow of the international College of Surgeons. Prof Udosen is a fellow of the AO international and an active member of the world orthopaedic and trauma Organization (SICOT).  He teaches Orthopedic and Traumatology in the University of Calabar and was promoted to the rank ofprofessor in 2010. He currently heads both the academic and clinical aspects of that Discipline.Pro Udosen is aChief Consultant Ortho/Trauma surgeon to the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital and a visiting consultant Surgeon and professor to the University of Uyo and University of Uyo Teaching Hospital in Nigeria. He was the head of the Accident and Emergency Division of the University of Calabar Teaching hospital from 2000 to 2009. Prof. Udosen is a postgraduate examiner in Orthopaedics and trauma to the National Postgraduate college of Nigeria and the West African College of Surgeons. He teaches Advance Trauma Life support (ATLS), Traumatology, Bone and joint infections, metabolic bone diseases, Wounds and wound management among others. His major research interests are in the areas of Rural Traumatology, Low back pain and the development of indigenous Orthopaedic Appliances. He is a researcher and prolific writer with many publications in reputable journals to his credit.

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