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Dr. Essien Ekpeyong Nsa

Lecturer I
Animal Science


Nsa, E. E., Ukachukwu, S. N., Isika, M. A. and Ozung, P. O. (2011). Effect of boiling and soaking durations on the proximate composition, ricin and mineral contents of undercorticated castor oil seeds (Ricinus comunis). International journal of plant, animal and environmental science (IJPAES), 1(3); Sept. – Nov., 2011. Pp. 244-252. ISSN; 2231-4490.

Anya, M. A., Ayuk, A. A., Ozung, P. O., Nsa, E. E. and Edet, G. D. (2011). Compensatory growth in growing West African Dwarf Kids in the humid Zone of Nigeria. International Journal of Plant, Animal and Environmental Science (IJPAES). 1(3), Sept.-Nov., 2011, pp. 253-260. ISSN: 2231-4490.

G.S. I. Wogar, O. O. Effiong and E. E. Nsa (2011). Performance of growing grasscutters (Thryonomys swinderianus) fed diets with graded energy levels. Journal of Agric. Biotechnology and Ecology. Vol. 4, No. 3 pp. 134-139.

Augustine, O. Angba., Neoyi, I. Ofem., Magnus, I. Anya and Essien E. Nsa (2012). Sustainable livelihoods and micro-livestock development in Nigeria: A Simulation study from Cross River State. International Journal of food, Agriculture and Environment (JFAE) vol. 10(1).

Nsa, E. E. and Okon B. (2007). The effect of different levels of caged layer droppings in rabbits diets on intake and growth performance. Journal Research in Agriculture, Vol. 4, No. 2, pp. 57-60.

Nsa, E. E., Akpan, I. A., Okon, B. and Anya, M. I. (2008). Performance of broiler finisher birds fed palm oil slurry as energy source. Nigeria southeast Journal of Agricultural Economics and Extension, Vol. 8, No. 1 and 2 pp. 18-21.

M. I. Anya, G. D. Edet, E. E. Nsa and E. P. Umoren (2008). Evaluation of the mineral composition of some forage legumes and grasses, Nigewrian Southeast Journal of Agricultural Economics and Extension. Vol. 8, No. 1 and 2 pp. 33-37.

E. E. Nsa and S. N. Ukachukwu (2009). Effect of thermal processing methods on the proximate composition, gross energy, minerals and ricin content of undercorticated castor oil seed (Ricinus communis). Global Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Vol. 8, No. 2, pp. 223-228.

E. E. Nsa and S. N. Ukachukwu, I. A. Akpan, B. Okon, O. O. Effiong, O. O. Oko (2010). Growth performance, internal organ development and haematological responses of broiler birds fed diets containing different thermal treated castor oil seed meal (Ricinus communis). Global Journal of Agricultural Science. Vol. 9, No. 2 pp. 27-34.

Ozung, P. O., Nsa, E. E. Ebegbulem, V. V. and Ubua, J. A. (2011). The potential of small ruminant product in Cross River Rainforest Zone of Nigeria-A review. Continental Journal of Animal and Veterinary Research. 3(1): 33-37. http/

Nsa, E. E., Okon, B. Ozung, P. O. Anya, M. I. Wogar, G. S. I. and Umoren, E. P. (2011). Proximate composition, anti-nutritional factors and response of broiler finishers fed raw and thermal treated Milletia obanensis seed meal. Journal of Agriculture and Vertinary Sciences. Vol. 3, March 2011, pp. 95-102.

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The 37th Annual Conference of the Nigerian society for Animal Production (NSAP).
Makurdi, Nigeria.
Start: Sunday 18th March, 2012
End: Wednesday 21st March, 2012
15th Annual Conference of Nigeria Society of Animal Production (NSAP).
Abuja, Nigeria.
Start: Sunday 13th March, 2011
End: Wednesday 16th March, 2011
The 16th Annual Conference of Animal Science of Nigeria (ASAN).
Kogi State University, Kogi, Nigeria.
Start: Monday 12th September, 2011
End: Thursday 15th September, 2011
The 35th Annual Conference of Nigerian Society of Animal Science Production (NSAP).
University of Ibadan.
Start: Tuesday 14th September, 2010
End: Friday 17th September, 2010
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