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Mr. Anthony Okon Ben

Assistant Lecturer
Religious and Cultural Studies

Anthony Okon Ben lectures in Department of Religious and Cultural Studies, University of Calabar. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D in the Department of Religious and Cultural Studies, specializing on Cultural Anthropology of Religion. He obtained his M.A in 2016 with area of specialization in African Traditional Religion and B.A (Hon.) in Religious and Cultural Studies. He graduated with distinction in his M.A with parallel A in all course work and thesis and holds the prestigious award of the Pro-chancellors prize for the best behaved student in the 2009/2010 graduating class, Papa and O Abang Memorial Prize for excellent academic and best graduating student in Religious and Cultural Studies performance award 2009/2010. Most Rev. Dr. Brian D. Usanga for excellent Academic and best graduating student in Religious and Cultural Studies in 2009/2010. He has published in both international and local journal. Among them is – The Influence of Culture on Gender Equality: A Study of Iban Isong in Efik Society. He is a member of several learned academic organizations such as Society for Peace Studies and Practices, African Society for the Study of Sociology and Ethics of Religion (ASSOSER), Faculty of Arts/Humanities Association of Nigerian Universities (FAHANU) now Faculties of Arts/Humanities Scholars Association of Nigerian Universities (FAHSANU). He is a dedicated researcher who is interested in using research findings, results and recommendation to proffer solutions to the problems of humanity.  
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