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Dr. Mfon Isua Akpaso

Senior Lecturer

I am specialized in Endocrinology and cellular and molecular biology. I am also interested in Anthropometry and Reproductive Endocrinology.

M. AKPASO; J. Atangwho; V.Fischer; A. Igiri; A. Akpantah; T. Ekanem; P.Ebong

• Training Manual for Sexuality Education for Peer Educators (Supported by COMIC RELIEF, UK)

• Training Manual for Peer educators on Child Trafficking (Supported by European Commission)

• The role of health care workers on HIV/AIDS related stigma and discrimination.

• Scaling up private sector response to HIV/AIDS. Abstract presented at the International HIV/AIDS summit, Abuja, 2007

• Contributor: Advocacy tool kit for CRSACA

• Contributor: Cross River State Strategic Plan (CRSSP)

• Contributor: CRSSP for HIV/AIDS 2010-2015, M

• Contributor: CRS 2011 M

MFON I. AKPASO; Item J. Atangwho; Amabe Akpantah; Victor A. Fischer; Anozeng O. Igiri;

Victor A. Fischer, Christie E. Fischer, MFON AKPASO,

Moses B. Ekong; Mandu U Akpan; Theresa B Ekanem: MFON I

Amabe O Akpantah; Moses B Ekong; Kelechi C Uruakpa; MFON AKPASO; Mokutima A Eluwa; Theresa B Ekanem (2010). Gonadal histo-morphologies and serum hormonal milieu in female rats treated with Azadirachta Indica leaf extract. Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine. Vol 8 (4) 185 - 190

Victor A. Fischer, Christie E. Fischer, MFON AKPASO,

O.E.Mesembe; A.E.Ivang; G.Udoaffah; A.O.Igiri; V.A.Fischer; M. I. AKPASO; Eluwa.M.A; O.A.Akpa (2004) A morphometric study of the teratogenic effect of artesunate on the central nervous system of wistar rat foetus. Nigerian journal of Physiological Sciences vol.19(1

Item Justin Atangwho, Patrick E Ebong, Godwin E Egbung, MFON I AKPASO, Edem E Asuquo (2010). Histological effect of combined extracts of Vernonia amygdalina and Azadirachta Indica on Normal and Diabetic Rats: The pancreas and Liver. Research Journal of Agriculture and Biological Sciences. Vol 6 (4): 514 - 521 ISSN: 1990-6145

Asuquo, O. R, Igiri A. O, AKPASO, M. I (2010). Histopathological and Biocheimcal Effects of Chloroquine Phosphate on the testes of Male Albino Wistar rats. The Internet journal of Laboratory Medicine. Vol 4 (2) ISSN: 1937-8181

O. Asuquo, A. Igiri, J. Akpan, M. AKPASO (2009) Cardioprotective Potential of Vernonia Amygdalina and Ocimum Gratissimum Against Streptozocin (STZ) – Induced Diabetes in Wistar rats. The Internet Journal of Tropical Medicine. Vol 7 (1)

Amabe O. Akpantah, Moses B. Ekong, Kebe E. Obeten, MFON I. AKPASO

Victor A. Fischer, Christie E. Fischer, MFON AKPASO, Patrick S. Igbigbi (2016): Effects of Ingestion of Bonny Light Crude Oil on Sperm Motility of Male Wistar Rats. International Journal of Science and Research. Vol 5 (10) ISSN (Online): 2319-7064

M. I AKPASO, A.O Igiri, P.A Odey (2017): A comparative Study on the Effect of Combined Methanolic Leaf Extracts of Vernonia amygdalina and Gongronema latifolium and Metformin on the Pancreatic beta cells of Streptozocin Induced Diabetic Wistar Rats. Asian Journal of Pharmacy, Nursing and Medical Sciences. Vol 5 (2). ISSN: 2321-3639

MFON I. AKPASO, Kelvin N. Elot (2017): Combined Methanolic Leaf Extracts of Vernonia Amygdalina and Gongronema latifolium Enhances Insulin secretion and Reproductive Hormone level in Diabetic State.

AKPASO, M. I, Igiri, A.O, Fischer V. A, Fischer, C.E and Asuquo, O.R (2017): Combined Methanolic Leaf Extracts of Vernonia Amygdalina and Gongronema latifolium Improves sperm parameter impairment and Testicular damage inSTZ induced Diabetic Wistar Rats. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare. The International Institute for Science,Technology and Education (IISTE) Vol. 7 (6). ISSN: 2224-3208

Eru, E.M., Igiri, A.O., Udo-Affah, G.U., AKPASO, M.I., Mesembe, O.E., Uruakpa, K.C (2017): Histochemical Demonstration of Glycogen in the Hippocampus of Adult Male Albino Rats on Administration of Methanol Extract of Bridelia micrantha. Journal of Biopesticides, Nutrition, Food and Health Sciences. Vol 1 (1)
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