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Dr. Benjamin Ayua Ambe

Environmental Education

I am an Environmental Education Researcher and an Instructor of Curriculum Studies. my academic interests lie in Environmental Geography Education, Population studies, Curriculum studies, Tourism Education, Environmental conservation and general Education.

1. Ambe, B.A & Ukwetang, J.O. (2017). Environmental Education Strategies in Alleviating Poverty for Sustainable Forest Resources  management in the rural fringes of Cross River State, Nigeria. In Education for Today, Journal of Faculty of Education, University of Calabar. 13,(3); 37-44.

2. Ukwetang, J.O & Ambe, B.A. (2016). Multi dimensionality of Teacher Education in Nigeria. In Education For Today, 12(2); 68-73.

Ambe, B.A. ; Eja, I. E.;  & Agbor, C. E. (2015). Assessment of the Impacts and Peoples Perception of Bush Burning on Grasslands and montane Ecosystems of Obanliku Hills/plateau, Cross River State, Nigeria. In IISTE Journal of Natural Sciences Research, 5(6); 12-20

Ambe, B.A. & Agbor, C.E. (2014). Assessment of Teachers Professional Competence, Teachers Teaching Experience on the implementation of Environmental Education Curriculum in Cross River State, Nigeria. In Journal of Educational & Social Research, 4(6); 521-528.

Uffia, I.O. & Ambe, B.A. (2013). Implication of Population Increase, waste generation on effective solid waste disposal and management in Calabar Urban, Cross River State, Nigeria. In African Journal of Social Policy and Administration, 6(2); 65-73.

Ukwayi, G.U & Ambe, B.A. (2013). Learner Empowerment for self and National Survival in the 21st Century. In The New Nigerian Educator, 3, (1); 24-29.

Agbor, C.A. & Ambe, B.A. (2013). Assessment of participation in Quality tourism development in Cross River State, Nigeria. In International Journal of Research and Advancement in Educational Methods, 10(1); 37-50.

Ukwayi, G.U. & Ambe, B.A. (2012). Strategies for repackaging Environmental Education for National Development. In International journal of Advancement in Educational methods, 2(1); 59-62.

Ambe, B.A. (2012). Environmental Education: An Introductory discourse. In the New Nigeria Educator 2(1); 23-31.

Inyang-Abia, M.E. & Ambe, B.A. (2006). Information communication Technologies (ICTS) and Environmental sustainability. In West African journal Of Educational Research (WAJER), 9(1-2); 6-11.

Ishiekwen, A. E & Ambe, B.A. (2014). Influence of Teachers Professional qualifications and areas of specialization on the implementation of the environmental Education curriculum in Cross River State, Nigeria. Being paper Presented at International Conference on chemical, Environment & Biological Sciences (CEBs, 2014) Held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from September 17-18. page 155-160.

12. Ambe, B.A; Nchu, B. & Ogar, D.A. (2013). Computer in Education: A panacea for improving quality of education in Nigeria. being paper presented at the 2nd National Conference of the School of Education, Federal College of Education, Obudu, from 24-27 July.

Ambe, B. A., and Agbor, C. A. (2014). Assembling the influence of gender awareness attitudes to forest resources conservation in Cross River State. In Research In humanities and social Sciences, 4(2) 82-86.

Uffia, I. O., Ambe, B.A., and Agbor, C. E. (2013). Evaluation of Institutional Framework for Solid Waste Disposal And Management in Calabar Metropolis. In , 8 (2) 87
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The Role of Assessment
This International Conference was organized by Educational Assessment
Start: Monday 28th November, 2016
End: Friday 2nd December, 2016
Quality Education, Technology
The 7th International Conference of the faculty Of Education, University of Calabar held at the Senate Chambers of the University Of calabar.
Start: Sunday 22nd October, 2017
End: Wednesday 25th October, 2017
Education and contemporary issues
The 5th International Conference of the Faculty of Education, University Of Calabar, Nigeria. it held at the International conference center of the University of Calabar. it addressed contemporary issues pertaining to Education.
Start: Tuesday 2nd September, 2014
End: Friday 5th September, 2014
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): the Educationist Perspective.
The 6th International Conference of the Faculty of Education Focused on the SDGs and how the Educationists can contribute to its attainment. it held at the UNICAL international Conference Center.
Start: Sunday 6th September, 2015
End: Friday 9th September, 2016
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