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Dr. Samuel Sunday Akpan

Medical Laboratory Science


The creation of this website is a significant leap for the University.


Publications by Samuel Sunday

Samuel S. Akpan, Maurice Mbah and Ernestine Achi (2015). The occurrence of Mansonella perstans among residents of Calabar Metropolis in Cross River State of Nigeria. Annals of Parasitology 61(1), 17-20.

Akpan Samuel S (2016). A case of cutaneous myiasis caused by a larva of Cordylobia anthropophaga in a nine year old boy in Calabar, Southern Nigeria. American Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health 1(1),11-14.

Samuel S. Akpan (2015). Ebola is from the devil; nay Ebola is from God - a viewpoint. Proceedings of the Conference of the International Journal of Arts and Sciences 08(03),55-57.

Akpan, S.S. (2014). The prevalence of Salmonella typhi carriers in Calabar Municipality of Cross River State, Nigeria. Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences 2(6B),2042-2045.

S.S. Akpan (2007). The popularity of insecticde-treated bed nets as a preventative method of malaria control among residents of Calabar Municipality, Cross River State, Nigeria. Tropical Doctor 37, 192-193.

Samuel S. Akpan (2013). Removal of attachment sites can reduce the population of black flies in endemic communities - An editorial review. Entomology, Ornithology and Herpetology 2 (1).

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International Symposium on Entomology 2013: Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.
This Conference gathered Medical Parasitologists and Entomologists from all over the world to brain-storm on topical issues in the area of Medical Entomology. I presented a paper on "The distribution of black flies (Simulium damnosum ) in Ugbem and Ukwuekpeyiere communities of Biase Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria".
Start: Wednesday 4th September, 2013
End: Friday 6th September, 2013
Florence, Italy 2015:
This was a multi-disciplinary Conference which covered a wide array of topics in Arts and Sciences. I presented a paper on "Ebola is from the Devil; nay Ebola is from God".
Start: Tuesday 16th June, 2015
End: Friday 19th June, 2015

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