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Dr. Rufus Chika Okoro is a Reader and presently the Acting Head of Department of Physics and Pioneer Director of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) University of Calabar. His Area of specialization is Engineering Physics (Bias in Computer Electronics and Networking)

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NITDA Conference
ICT application in Tertiary Institutions.
Start: Tuesday 5th June, 2012
End: Friday 8th June, 2012
Computer Association of Nigeria 18th National Conference (NETSI)
Paper Presented: Okoro, R. C. Computer Networking Principles-Security Matters. Vol. 13 pp 191-199.
Start: Monday 10th June, 2002
End: Thursday 13th June, 2002
Computer Association of Nigeria 17th National Conference
Paper Presented: Okoro, R.C. e-Commerce Purchase of IT Equipment-Risk Factors Affecting Buyers and suppliers. Vol. 12pp 77-82.
Start: Tuesday 5th June, 2001
End: Friday 8th June, 2001
IEEE Conference
Cyber Security and Governance.
Start: Tuesday 3rd March, 2015
End: Friday 6th March, 2015
International Conference on Information Technology and Economic Development (ICITED)
Information and Communication Technology and Economic Empowerment in Nigeria: An Insight pp 12-15.
Start: Thursday 7th July, 2016
End: Friday 8th July, 2016
29th Annual Conference of Nigerian Institute of Physics (NIP)
Paper presented Modula Arithmetic Approach to data security in a cyber-environment. Pp 78-82.
Start: Wednesday 15th October, 2008
End: Saturday 18th October, 2008
Nigeria Computer Society 8th International Conference (ICABUILD)
Okoro, R. C. IT Curriculum and Employment Situation in Nigeria Vol. 16 pp 53-55.
Start: Tuesday 5th July, 2005
End: Friday 8th July, 2005
33rd Annual Conference of Nigerian Institute of Physics (NIP)
Annual Conference
Start: Tuesday 9th November, 2010
End: Saturday 13th November, 2010
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