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Dr. Enyimba Maduka

Lecturer 1

Dr Enyimba Maduka joined the service of University of Calabar in 2009 in the Department of Philosophy where he obtained his B.A, Master of Arts and Doctorate degrees. He also holds a postgraduate Diploma in Education from Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto. Dr Enyimba is a copious writer with four books,16 book chapters and over 20 articles published in reputable International, and Local Journals. His research interest is in Epistemology, African philosophy and Philosophy of Education. Enyimba Maduka presents papers in conferences within and outside Nigeria. He is a member of conversational school of philosophy and a fellow of Society for Research and academic excellence.

Enyimba Maduka (2011) “The Nature of Logic in African Philosophy” Integrative Humanism Journal 1(2), 153 – 167.

Kyrian A. Ojong , Enyimba, Maduka (2012). “Epistemological Implications of Kant’s Notion of Space and Time”. European Scientific Journal 8(24), 186 – 194.

(iii) Kyrian, A. Ojong, Enyimba, Maduka (2013) “The Role of Curriculum and Development in Teaching and Learning: A Critical Appraisal”: Journal of Literature, Languages and Linguistics 1, 94 – 96.

Andrew, F. Uduigwomen , Enyimba, Maduka (2003) “Socrates and Civil Disobedience Implications for Nigerian Democracy”. The African Symposium: An Online Educational Research Journal 3(40, 1-4.)

Enyimba, Maduka , Ushie, Abel I. (2015) ‘The Relevance of Philosophy to Education and Environmental Studies”. Contemporary Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. Volume 4. No. 2, November.

Enyimba, Maduka , Ushie, Abel Idagu (2014) “Socrates’ Moral and Epistemic Idea: A Critique”. LWATI: A Journal of Contemporary Research, Volume 11, Issue 2 June.

Ephraim, Ahamefula Ikegbu, Bisong Peter Bisong , Enyimba, Maduka (2016) ‘The Philosophical Survey of the Influence of the Media on Violence Among Youth” European Scientific Journal . Volume 12, No. 14, May.

Enyimba, Maduka and Ushie Abel Idagu (2014) “Rationalist Metaphysics: A Critical Survey”. LWATI: A Journal of Contemporary Research. Volume 11, Issue 2. June.

Ephraim, A. Ikegbu, Enyimba Maduka , Abel Idagu U. (2016). “Asuozu’s Phenomenon of Concealment and Bacon’s Idols of the Mind”: A Paradox of Nigeria’s Leadership Crisis”. LWATI: A Journal of Contemprary Research. Volume 13, No. 2 (87 – 103).

Enyimba, Maduka (2005) “Moral Education and Development in Nigeria”: International Journal of Research in Arts and Social Sciences, 8(1), 134 – 141.

Ikegbu, E. A. , Enyimba, Maduka (2010). “Existentialism as a Method of Philosophy”: Calabar Journal of Liberal Studies, 14(2), 209 – 222.

Enyimba, Maduka (2004) “Racism and Philosophy: An Examination of Humean and Kantian Racial Thoughts”, Sophia: An African Journal of Philosophy. 7(1), 28 – 32.

Ephraim, A. Ikegbu , Enyimba, Maduka (2010) “Unity and National Development in Nigeria”. African Journal of Religion, Culture and Society. 2(2), 119 – 126.

Enyimba, Maduka (2004) “Fear, Reformation , the Reformer in a Democratic and Political System”. Sophia: An African Journal of Philosophy. 7(1), 9 – 12.

Ikegbu, Ephraim , Enyimba, Maduka (2010) “In Defence of Abstraction: A Critique of Berkeley’s Criticism of Abstract General Ideas”, Sapientia: Journal of Philosophy.

Ncha, Gabriel , Enyimba, Maduka (2010) “A Critique of Len Doyel and Roger Harris’ Practical Foundation of Human Understanding”, The Leajon: An Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies 2(1), 1-16.

Enyimba, Maduka (2016) “Kant’s Metaphysics of Subjectivity and Asouzu’s Idea of Joy of Being: A Critical Reflection”, Igwebuike: An African Journal of Arts and Humanities, Volume 2, No. 5. September.

Enyimba, Maduka (2017) “Integrative Humanism: As a Background Theory for Hindu and Hegelian Metaphysics: Towards Harmonious Interpersonal Relationship and Global Peace”. Calabar; Graphic Frame Publishers. ISBN: 978-8058-03-5

Enyimba, Maduka (2016). Philosophy, Literature, Art and Reality. Calabar: Paulinusa Concepts. ISBN: 978-36720-0-2.

Enyimba, Maduka (2003) Democracy, Politics and Society: A Philosophical Approach. Calabar, Iyke Press, ISBN: 978-2011-10-X.

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“Harmonious Complementarity in leadership: A Necessary Tool for Environmental Sustainability”
“Harmonious Complementarity in leadership: A Necessary Tool for Environmental Sustainability” presented at the 5th International Conference on Sustainable Development held at European centre for Sustainable Development (ECSDEV), September 6-7, 2017, Rome, Italy.
Start: Wednesday 6th September, 2017
End: Thursday 7th September, 2017
Theme: “African Philosophical and Intellectual Responses to the Development Crisis in Africa”.
“Towards a Genuine National Development: A Case for Kant’s Epistemic Co-operativism in Nigeria” presented at the International Conference of the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy held at Ebonyi State University Abakiliki from June 10th – 14th 2015.
Start: Wednesday 10th June, 2015
End: Sunday 14th June, 2015
Philosophy and Global Human Development.
“Conversationalism As a Philosophy of Development” A Paper presented at the 1st Chapter Symposium of the National Association of Philosophy Students held on 10th February, 2018 at Afeudomifiok Institute of Education (Uniport Affiliate) Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State, on the Theme
Start: Saturday 10th February, 2018
End: Sunday 11th February, 2018
Perspectives in Education, Technological Development and Agriculture in the 21st Century Africa.
“Philosophy, Education and Environment: An Interdisciplinary Approach” Presented at the Researcher’s Network 2nd International Conference held at the College of Education Conference Centre, University of Cape Coast, Ghana October 13th – 16th , 2015 Theme: Perspectives in Education, Technological Development and Agriculture in the 21st Century Africa.
Start: Tuesday 13th October, 2015
End: Friday 16th October, 2015
“Food Security as a Fundamental Human Right:
A Philosophical Consideration from Africa” presented at the International Conference on Philosophy of Food from March 7 – 10, 2018 at the Department of Philosophy, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akongbua – Akoko.
Start: Wednesday 7th March, 2018
End: Saturday 10th March, 2018
“The State of African Philosophy Today”.
“Can African Philosophy be Done in African Language?” presented at the African Philosophy World Conference held in University of Calabar October 11 – 14th , 2017. Theme:
Start: Wednesday 11th October, 2017
End: Saturday 14th October, 2017
“Repositioning Research in Arts and Social Sciences”.
“Madukaku as the Basis of Being Human in Igbo (African) Worldview” presented at the Society for Research and Academic Excellence International Conference held at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, February 5-8th 2007
Start: Monday 5th February, 2007
End: Thursday 8th February, 2007
Theme: Repositioning Research in Arts and Social Sciences.
(i) “Moral Education and Development in Nigeria” presented at the Society for Research and Academic Excellence International Conference held at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, February 16th-19th 2015
Start: Monday 16th February, 2015
End: Thursday 19th February, 2015
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