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Mrs. Agnes Bassey Edem

Assistant lecturer

Agnes Edem Bassey has  passion for marketing research.Her area of specialization is Marketing Communication, Social Marketing and Health Marketing.

Basil, G. and Bassey, A.E. (2016). Reposition Nigeria: Application of marketing communication tools by political parties in campaign programs. International Journal of Management Science and business Administration, 2(9), 20-28.

Odigbo, B.E., Eze, F.J., and Bassey, A.E., (2016). Social marketing tools employed for correcting harmful traditional maternal health practices in Cross River State, Nigeria. International Journal of Innovative Research and Advanced Studies, 3(11), 175-180.

Ogbidi, J., Basil, G., and Bassey, A.E., (2016). Marketing communication strategies and voters’ behaviour in electioneering process in Cross River State, Nigeria. Global Journal of Management and Business Research: (A) Administration and Management,16(11), 53-62.

Oti, P.A., Odigbo, B.E., and Bassey, A.E., (2016). Impact of public relations expenditure on corporate performance of commercial banks in Nigeria. International Journal of Innovative Research and Development, 5(10), 66-72.

Udonwo, U. I. , Bassey, A. E. , and Dan, A. (2018). Strategic marketing and the growth of private health centers. The International Journal of Business & Management. 6(7), 153-159.

Eze, F. J., Odigbo, B.E, and Bassey, A. E., (2018). Small and medium - scale agro- produce entrepreneurship and promotion of non-oil export from Nigeria. International Business Research. 11(11), 164-175. Doi: 5539/ibr.v11n11p164. 

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