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Prof. Asira Enya Asira


I, Asira, Enya Asira joined the service of University of Calabar in 1998 as Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy. I grew in the service and was promoted to the rank of a professor in October 1, 2015. My areas of interest include: Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Medicine, Medical Ethics, Professional Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Peace and Conflict Resolution, etc.

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Quality teaching for Quality Learning in higher Education.
A workshop in LTLE, 12th -13th, 2013, University of Calabar.
Start: Saturday 12th October, 2013
End: Sunday 13th October, 2013
Its values and processes at Calabar awareness and democratic leadership.
A workshop on democracy:organized by Development action programme (DAP) and sponsored by the office of Traditional initiatives(OTI,USAD from 7th – 10th march,2000 for Liaison teachers).
Start: Tuesday 7th March, 2000
End: Friday 10th March, 2000
Presented a paper, fifth International Society of Business, Economic and Ethics (ISBEE) world congress 2012.
Held July 11-14 2012, Kpzminiki University, Marsaw: Poland paper presented “The price of Truth: Corruption and norms of journalism in Nigeria”.
Start: Wednesday 11th July, 2012
End: Saturday 14th July, 2012
“Conflict Resolution and Good Governance".
A workshop sponsored by the office of traditional initiatives, USAID and the Government of Cross River State. September 1st -3rd, 2000 organized for Traditional Rulers.
Start: Friday 1st September, 2000
End: Sunday 3rd September, 2000
Gender and democratic leadership’s for peer educators.
Facilitator/speaker,workshop on the 16-19 May, 2000, Cross River State Library.
Start: Tuesday 16th May, 2000
End: Friday 19th May, 2000
Presented a paper entitled “An Ethics of Sustainable Environment in the Light of Asouzu’s Ibuanyidanda Philosophy”.
Held at the international conference organized by Cambridge Research and Publications international held at University of IIorin, 12th -13th March, 2015.
Start: Thursday 12th March, 2015
End: Friday 13th March, 2015
Its values and processes, for in-school youth of six secondary schools in Calabar.
A workshop on “Democracy: organized by Development action pogramme (DP) and sponsored by USAID (OTI) from May 9-20,2000.
Start: Tuesday 9th May, 2000
End: Saturday 20th May, 2000
Presented a paper on “Western and African Conception of cause and effect: impact on scientific development”.
Organized by society for research and Academic Excellence, 16th -19th Feb, 2015. University of Nsukka.
Start: Monday 16th February, 2015
End: Thursday 19th February, 2015
Presented a paper entitled “Peace and Conflict Resolution: The Christian Perspective” at researchers international network international conference.
Held on the Oct.13th – 16th, 2015 at College of Education Conference Center, University of Cape Const, Ghana.
Start: Tuesday 13th October, 2015
End: Friday 16th October, 2015
Presented a paper entitled “Common Sense Proof of Common Humanity in the face of man’s inhumanity to man”.
Held at the first international conference of researchers, international network, Oct 13th, 2014 University of Calabar.
Start: Monday 13th October, 2014
End: Monday 13th October, 2014
Presented a paper entitled “Being-in-control and sustainable development” at the National Academic Conference.
Organized by Hummingbird Publications and Research International 21st May, 2015 University of Abuja.
Start: Thursday 21st May, 2015
End: Thursday 21st May, 2015
Presented a paper entitled “Preventing violence in Nigeria’s 2015 elections.
Organized by institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution, Abuja, Held on 16th – 17th March, 2015, at Akwa Ibom State.
Start: Monday 16th March, 2015
End: Tuesday 17th March, 2015
Presented a paper entitled, “African Philosophy and the Challenge of Ethnocentric commitment” .
20th Annual Conference 2014, University of Forth have, East London, South Africa,30th -31st, May, 2014.
Start: Friday 30th May, 2014
End: Saturday 31st May, 2014
National Youth Symposium on Crime Prevention.
National Youth Symposium on Crime Prevention, 20th -21st March, 2013, Abuja.
Start: Wednesday 20th March, 2013
End: Thursday 21st March, 2013
Annual Conference of National Association of African Traditional Religion.
Held at Benue State University, Markurdi, 29th November – 2nd December, 1994.
Start: Tuesday 29th November, 1994
End: Friday 2nd December, 1994
Annual conference of National Association of African Traditional Religion.
Held at Benue State University, Markurdi, 27th -30th November, 1995.
Start: Monday 27th November, 1995
End: Thursday 30th November, 1995
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