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Lecturer I
Medical Laboratory Science


PhD (Haematology) University of Calabar 2014 MSc (Haematology/ BGS) University of Calabar 2008 BMLS (Haematology /BGS) University of Calabar 2002 My research interest is in nutritional anaemia, Haematology oncology,immunohaematology haemoglobinopathies and haemostasis/coagulation studies. Major research has been in nutitional anaemia, assessing iron status of pregnant women, studies on anaemia and malaria infection in pregnancy, soluble transferin receptor as a marker in the diagnosis of iron deficiency anaemia in pregnancy.


Publications by IFEYINWA MARYANN

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  Jude E. Enoh, Benjamin D. ThumamoPokam, Aniekan-Augusta O. Eyo,     Ifeyinwa M. Okafor, Jules Clement AssobNguedia, Boris T. Fominyam1 and     Marcelin Ngowe Ngowe (2017). Drug Induced Hematological Disorders In Patients     On Antituberculosis Drugs In The South West Region Of Cameroon. European     Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research  ejpmr, 4(1), 155-161

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    Christopher Ogar Ogar, Ifeyinwa Mary Ann Okafor and Patience AntighaAkpan     (2016). Seroprevalence of Hepatitis C Virus Infection Among Health Centre Workers     in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. International Journal of Biomedical Laboratory     Science (IJBLS) 2016 Vo1. 5, No. 1:17-22

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Conferences Attended

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Pre-Service Training (PST) Supply Chain Management (SCM) Reorientation Training for Schools of Pharmacy and Medical Laboratory Sciences held at Enugu from 13th to 20th September 2015.
Start: Sunday 13th September, 2015
End: Tuesday 15th September, 2015
3. Safe Blood for Africa Workshop on the use of ELISA technique Owerri, 2014
Start: Tuesday 1st July, 2014
End: Monday 7th July, 2014
University of Las Vegas United State March 2013 International Journal of Arts
paper presented - Some Haematological Parameters of Tuberculosis Infected Nigerians: A Study in Calabar
Start: Monday 18th March, 2013
End: Friday 22nd March, 2013
Continuous education course on Specialist Transfusion Science Practice (STSP) in 2017 at NHS Blood and Transplant Sheffield, United Kingdom
Specialist Transfusion Science Practice
Start: Monday 18th September, 2017
End: Friday 22nd September, 2017
Quality Teaching for Quality Learning in Higher Education at University of Calabar 2013
Start: Tuesday 8th October, 2013
End: Wednesday 9th October, 2013
1. British Blood Transfusion Society Conference from 13th to 15th September 2017 at Glasgow, United Kingdom
Paper presented Prevalence and Titre of Alpha and Beta Haemolysins among Blood Donors attending University of Calabar Teaching Hospital Donor Clinic in Calabar, Nigeria
Start: Wednesday 13th September, 2017
End: Wednesday 15th November, 2017
50TH Annual Scientific Conference and Workshop of Association of Medical Laboratory Scientist of Nigeria, Akure 2014, Ondo State
Start: Sunday 2nd November, 2014
End: Friday 7th November, 2014
1. Pre-conference workshop on Optimising the diagnosis, research and management of haematological and blood disorders in developing countries at Universty of Abuja from July 8th -10th 2015
Paper presented Soluble transferrin receptor as a marker in the diagnosis of iron deficiency anaemia, a study in Calabar
Start: Wednesday 8th July, 2015
End: Friday 10th July, 2015
The maiden Scientific Conference of Federation of African Association of Medical Laboratory Scientist in Abuja Nigeria October 2011
Paper presented is Malaria parasitaemia and morphological classification of anaemia in UCTH Calabar
Start: Monday 10th October, 2011
End: Friday 14th October, 2011
Medical Laboratory Pre-Service Training Curriculum Reviewby Supply Chain Management of Nigeria funded by USAID Calabar, 2014
Start: Monday 7th July, 2014
End: Friday 11th July, 2014
Workshop on mentoring for academic Excellence @ University of Calabar March 2013
Workshop on mentoring
Start: Sunday 3rd March, 2013
End: Wednesday 6th March, 2013
Emirates society of Haematology conference 2016 in Dubai
Paper Presented Iron status of Pregnant women in urban and rural communities of Cross River State Nigeria
Start: Thursday 31st March, 2016
End: Saturday 2nd April, 2016

Grants Received

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Grant Description:
Princess of Wales International Bursary Award for 2017 by the British blood transfusion society. As the awardee I was presented with a laurel and l received the sum of £2,500 as travel expenses to attend BBTS conference in 2017 at Glasgow and I was also sponsored to attend a training in Blood Transfusion Science in Sheffield

2500.00  GBP
Date Received: