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Dr. Ekwutosi Essien Offiong

Senior Lecturer
History and International Studies


QUALIFICATIONS B. A. (Hons) History (Unical) - 1988 M. A. History (Unical) - 1997 MPA (Unical) - 2000 Ph. D History and International Studies (African History) - 2003 AREA OF SPECIALIZATION/RESEARCH INTEREST 1. Church history 2. Social history 3. Gender studies Has Attended several conferences locally and internationally and had several publications to her credit. see list below: PUBLICATION LIST: 1. Offiong, E. A. and Offiong, Ekwutosi. E. (2012) “The Emergence and Growth of the Church of Jesus of Latter Day Saints in Calabar, Nigeria”. American Journal of Social Issues and Humanities, September, 2012, 2, 5, Pp 347-354. ISSN: 2276-6928. USA 2. Offiong, Ekwutosi. E. (2012) “Women in Society- A Comparative Study of the Careers of Mary Slessor and Mother Teresa”. Studies in Sikhism and Comparative Religion, XXXI, 1, January – June, 2012, Pp. 143-160. India. 3. Offiong, Ekwutosi. E. (2016) “Environmental Degradation and Conservation in the Cross River Area: A Historical Appraisal of Colonial and Post-Colonial Interventions”. People: International Journal of Social Sciences, Special Issue, 2 Issue 1, December, 2016. Pp 607-621. ISSN 2454-5899. India. 4. Offiong, Ekwutosi. E. “From Indirect Rule to Democracy. The Evolution of Local of Local Government Administration in Cross River State 1900-1976” Calabar Journal Of Liberal Studies,1 April, 2005 Pp 216-238. ISSN: 1115-2087 5. Offiong, Ekwutosi. E. “The Illa-Oso Festival in Uzuakoli: An Appraisal” SOPHIA: An African Journal of Philosophy, 7, 2, April, 2005. Pp 63-66. ISSN: 1119-443X 6. Offiong, Ekwutosi. E. “Independent African Churches: The Study of God the Host Prayer Temple, 1954-2004” NDUNODE: Calabar Journal of the Humanities, 6, 2 July, 2005 Pp 128-136. ISSN: 1117-5621 ISSN: 1117-5621 7. Offiong, Ekwutosi. E. “The Ethical- Social and Judicial Significance of Ekpe Shrine/Fraternity among the Efik” SOPHIA: An African Journal of Philosophy, 9, 1. September, 2006 Pp 45 – 48. ISSN: 1119-443X 8. Offiong, Ekwutosi. E. “The Intersection of Social Movements, Civil Societies and Non-Governmental Organizations” Calabar Journal Of Liberal Studies, 13, 1 2010 Pp203-219. ISSN: 1115-2087 9. Offiong, Ekwutosi. E. “Christian Churches and Society in Calabar: A Critical Assessment” NDUNODE: Calabar Journal of the Humanities. 1 2009 Pp 140-150. ISSN: 1117-5621 10. Offiong, E. A. & Offiong, Ekwutosi. E. “The Concept of Sickness and Healing in Pentecostal Churches in Nigeria”. African Pentecost Journal of Theology, Psychology and Social Work, 2, 2, September, 2008. ISSN: 1118-5597 11. Offiong, Ekwutosi. E. “Linguistic and the Problem of the Reconstruction of Efik History”. Calabar Studies in Languages, 16, 1, April, 2010, Pp. 261-274. ISSN: 0189-9360. 12. Offiong, Ekwutosi. E. “Religion in Diaspora- An Analysis of the Influence of African Traditional Religion on Brazilian Society”. The Calabar Historical Journal, 5, 1 & 2, December, 2011. Pp. 53-70. ISSN: 2315-8816 13. Offiong, Ekwutosi. E. “Society in Transition: The Encounter of Traditional African Socio-Cultural and Religious Practices with Modernity in Calabar”. National Journal of African and Heritage studies. 1, 2016. ISSN 2579-0552. 14. Offiong, Ekwutosi. E. “Religious Diversity and Development in Calabar, 1900-1980”. The Calabar Historical Journal, 6, 2, December, 2016. Pp. 1-22. ISSN: 2315-8816 15. Olufu, G. O. & Offiong, Ekwutosi. E. “Bekwara and Tiv Relations in the Benue-Cross River Valleys to 1960”. Mandyeng Journal of Central Nigeria Studies, Late Hamattan 2017. Pp. 76-86. ISSN 1595-7837. 16. Offiong, E. E. “The Changing Roles of Women in the Church: The Case Study of Women in Calabar, 1900-2000” in Churches, Blackness, and Contested Multiculturalism: Europe, Africa and North America. R. Drew Smith et al, (eds.). New York: Palgrave/Macmillan, 2014. Pp. 47-56 (ISBN 978-1-137-41165-5). 17. Offiong, E. E. “Aladura and Pentecostal Churches in the Second Half of the 20th Century” in History and Citizenship: Essays in Honour of Okon Edet Uya, Amadi I. R. et al (eds.). Calabar: Unical Press, 2005, Pp. 175-206. (ISBN 978-007-151-2). 18. Imbua, D. L. & Offiong, E. E. “Cosmopolitanism, Urbanism and Ethnicity in Calabar Metropolis – The Challenges of Heritage” in Urbanization and Infrastructure in Nigeria since the 20th Century: Festschrift in Honour of Prof. Ezzeldin Mukhtar Abdulrahman, Abdullahi M. Ashafa (ed). Kaduna: Kaduna State University Press, 2011, Pp. 131-150 (ISBN 978-978-919-714-9). Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Travelling and Cooking.


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