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Dr. Victoria Nneoma

Lecturer II
Animal Science

Dr. Victoria Nneoma Ebegbulem, holds B. Agriculture (Hons) and Master of Science degrees in Animal Science and Ph.D in Animal Breeding and Genetics from the University of Calabar. She has published many articles in both local and foreign reputable journals. Dr. Ebegbulem's major research area is animal breeding and genetics. She has a passion for research into the conservation Nigerian Indigenous Livestock resources which will enhance their selection and subsequent improvement. She is married with children.

Ebegbulem, Victoria N. (2018). Prospects and challenges to guinea fowl (Numida meleagris) production in Nigeria. International journal of Avian and Wildlife Biology, 3 (3):189-191. Available online at Indexed in Google Scholar, Research Gate, Cite Factor, etc. ( Published in USA).

Ebegbulem, Victoria N., Asuquo, Bassey O. and Okon Bassey (2017). Genotype influence on production, fertility and hatchability of eggs of guinea fowl (Numidameleagris) in a tropical rain forest zone of Nigeria. Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, 4(5): 94-97. ISSN: 2394-2360 (online). CODEN (USA): JSERBR. Available online: Indexed/Abstracted in World Cat Library, Global Impact Factor, Directory of Open Access Scholarly Resources, Research Gate, Open Access Journals(Published in India)

Ebegbulem, V. N. and Ozung, P. O. (2013). Application of molecular markers in farm animal improvement: Prospects and challenges. Online Journal of Animal and Feed Research, 3(3): 149-152. ISSN: 2228-7701. Available online at or Indexed/Abstracted in Index Copernicus International, Google Scholar, Directory of Open Access Journals.(Published in Iran)

Ebegbulem, V. N. and Ita, U. R. (2016). Conservation of genetic diversity: It’s relevance in poultry production. Animal Molecular Breeding, 6(3): 1-5 (doi: 10.5376/amb.2016.06.0003) Available online at Indexed/Abstracted in Crosscheck, Proquest, CABI. (Published in Canada)

Ebegbulem, Victoria N. and Ayuba Dauda (2017). Phenotypic correlations and regression among some external and internal egg quality parameters of Nigerian guinea fowl (Numidameleagris) genotypes. Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, 4(5): 220-229. Indexing and Abstracting: Worldcat, Global impact factor, Chemical Abstracts Service.(Published in India)

Dauda A, Duwa, H and Ebegbulem, V. N. (2017). Computational algorithm to assess the functionality of non-synonymous substitution and genetic relationship of DRA II gene of cattle, goat and sheep. Global Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics, 5(4): 397-402. Website:

Ebegbulem, V. N., Dauda, A. and Udoudo, M. J. (2017). Growth Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Weaned Rabbits Fed Alchornea cordifolia Leaf Meal. Academic Journal of Life Sciences, 3 (12):94-97. ISSN(e): 2415-2137, ISSN(p):2415-5217.

Ozung, P. O., Ubua, J. A., Anya, M. I., Nsa, E. E., Ebegbulem, V. N. and Etim, S. E. (2012). Evaluation of growth performance and some haematological characteristics of weaned rabbits fed pawpaw peel meal based diets in Cross River rain forest zone. Journal of Science and Nature, 3(4): 784-787. Abstracting and Indexing: Index Copernicus, Nextbin, Open Access Search Engine. (Published in USA)

Ubua, J. A., Agiang, E. A., Ozung, P. O. and Ebegbulem, V. N. (2013). Growth performance evaluation of juveniles of Archachatina marginata ovum and Archachatina marginata saturalis snail subspecies fed forages and their nutrient composition in Cross River rain forest zone, Nigeria. Online Journal of Animal and Feed Research, 3(4): 235-239. ISSN: 2228-7701. Abstracting/Indexing: Index Copernicus, Google Scholar, Directory of Open Access Journals (Published in Iran)

V. N. Ebegbulem,S. N. Ibe, P. O. Ozung and J. A. Ubua (2011). Morphometric trait characteristics of West African Dwarf goats in Abia State, South-East Nigeria. Continental Journal of Agricultural Science, 5(2): 1-6. ISSN: 2141-4203. Indexed/Abstracted: Google Scholar, Proquest Internet Archive, Agora

V. N. Ebegbulem, S. N. Ibe and B. O. Asuquo (2011). Morphometric differentiation of West African Dwarf Goats in Southeastern Nigeria using Discriminant Analysis. Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences,3, March 2011: 29-34.

Ebegbulem, V. N. (2012). Body conformation characteristics of domestic rabbits in humid tropical Southern Nigeria. Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, 4: 65-70.

P. O. Ozung, E. E. Nsa, Ebegbulem, V. N. and Ubua, J. A. (2011). The potential of small ruminant production in Cross River rainforest zone of Nigeria: A review. Continental Journal of Animal and Veterinary Research, 3(1): 33-37. Abstracted/Indexed. Google Scholar, Index Copernicus, Ulrich’s Web.

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16th Annual Conf. Anim. Sc. Asso. of Nig.
The potential of the duck as meat and egg producer in Nigeria – A review held at the Kogi State University, Anyigba.
Start: Monday 12th September, 2011
End: Thursday 15th September, 2011
The 37th Annual Conf. Nigerian Soc. For Anim. Prod.
held at University of Agriculture, Makurdi.
Start: Sunday 18th March, 2012
End: Wednesday 21st March, 2012
The 2nd ASAN-NIAS Joint Annual Meeting, Abuja.
Effects on growth performance, carcass characteristics and internal organs.
Start: Sunday 8th September, 2013
End: Thursday 12th September, 2013
The 17th Annual Conf. Anim. Sc. Asso. Nig.
Rural poultry production systems in Umuahia-South, Abia State, Nigeria.
Start: Sunday 9th September, 2012
End: Thursday 13th September, 2012
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