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Mr. Ekpenyong Bassey Obo

Business Management

Ekpenyong Bassey Obo (Ph.D) hails from Ben Obo Isamo, Ikot Okpora-Umon in Biase L.G.A, CRS, Nigeria. I am a graduate of University of Calabar, where I obtained B.Sc. degree in Management, Master’s degree in Business Administration and Ph.D in Management (specialty: Organizational Development and Change Management). Dr Obo was one of the pioneer lecturer with the Department of Business Administration, Cross River University of Technology, Ogoja Campus between (Dec 2002-2008). In 2008, I joined the Department of Business Management, University of Calabar, where I taught till now. I am also a member of the following professional bodies (i). Nigeria Institute for Training and Development (ii). Chartered Institute for Personnel Management of Nigeria. I am happily married and blessed with children

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