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Dr. Enang Bassey Udah



A confident, self-motivated, service oriented, proactive, enterprising and computer literate administrator with excellent team skills. I have over twenty years of professional and teaching experiences at secondary and university levels. Consulted for several private and public organizations including European Union, Cross River State government, Tuning Africa Project in the University of Duesto, Spain. I belong to the Nigeria Economic Society and Member African Econometric Society. I have twenty seven scholarly publications in both local and international journals with over one hundred and eight citations, many monographs and reports, three book chapters. In terms of community service, I have served in several committees including budget monitoring committee, tax negotiation committee, treasurer ASUU-UCB for several years, acting head, Department of Economics 2013 to 2015, currently President Freedom Multi-Purpose Cooperative society Limited. I am married to Mrs Akudo Udah and the union is blessed with four children.


Publications by Enang Bassey

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