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Mr Charles Efefiom Effiong is a lecturer in the department of Economics, University of Calabar, Calabar. He holds an M.Sc in Economics and Currently a Ph.D candidate in Economics. He held from Edem Esa-Abakot in Ikot-Ene, Akpabuyo Local Government of Cross River State.He joined the services of the University of Calabar in Feburary 6th 2015 as an assistant lecturer. He is a graduate member of the Nigerian Institute of Management (GMNIM). His research interest is in the area of Monetary and Development Economics and currently he is doing a research in the area of inclusive growth in Nigeria. He has published in both foreign and local journals.e-mail: +2348034437978

Greg, E. E. and Effiong, C. E. (2013). The Trend Analysis of Oil Revenue and Oil Exports in Nigeria. IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM). 10(3), 01-10.

Greg, E. E., Effiong, C. E. and Eba, M. A. (2014). Agriculture, Forestry and Water Resources Management: A panacea for Sustainable Development in Nigeria. Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. 3(4).

Greg, E. E., Effiong, C. E., Adaba, G. A. and Uwoghiren, B. O. (2014). The nexus between Energy Pricing, Investment Financing and Economic growth in Nigeria. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences.5(4).

Aniefiok, U. and Effiong, C. E. (2014) Economic growth and Wagner’s hypothesis: The Nigerian Experience. Journal of economics and Sustainable Development.5,(16).

Greg, E. Edame and Effiong, C. E. (2016). Natural Resources and Challenges of Indigenous People Development: A case of the Oil Producing Areas in Nigeria. EPRA International Journal of Economics and Business Review,4(2).

Odey, F. I, Effiong, C. E. and Nwafor, J. C. (2017). Savings-Investment and Economic Growth Nexus in Nigeria. International Journal of Development and Economic Sustainability, 5(7).

Nwafor, J. C., Odey, F. I and Effiong, C. E. (2017). Financial Liberalization and Domestic Savings in Nigeria: An Empirical Analysis. International Journal of Development and Economic Sustainability, 5(6).

Udo, A., Effiong, C. E. and Ogar, O. O. (2016). Economic Growth of West African Countries and the Validility of Wagner’s Law: A Panel Analysis,Asian journal of Economics and Empirical Research,3(1).

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Energy access for economic development: Policy, Institutional framework and strategic options
Nigerian Association of Energy Economics, 2014 Paper Presented - A Review of Renewable Energy Resources and the Challenges of Economic Growth in Nigeria.
Start: Sunday 16th February, 2014
End: Tuesday 18th February, 2014
Attaining inclusive growth in Nigeria: challenges and prospects
Nigerian Economic Society Conference-2015 Paper Presented -Financial Sector Credits to the Nigerian Economy: Implications for Inclusive Growth.
Start: Monday 12th October, 2015
End: Thursday 15th October, 2015
Attaining inclusive growth in Nigeria: challenges and prospects
Paper Presented - Sectoral Linkages and Growth Prospects: Reflection on the Nigerian Economy.
Start: Monday 12th October, 2015
End: Thursday 15th October, 2015
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