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Dr. Emmanuel Asuquo Edoho

Senior Lecturer
Science Education

Dr Emmanuel Asuquo Edoho joined the services of the University of Calabar in July 2000. He holds a B.Sc. (Ed) - Mathematics, M.Ed - Science Curriculum, and a Ph.D in Education/Mathematics, all from the University of Calabar. He has taught several undergraduate and post graduate courses; and has supervised some master's and Ph.D theses. He has attended academic conferences and presented papers in workshops and seminars. He also has several publications in both local and international journals. Presently, he is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Science Education, University of Calabar.

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Edoho, E. A. and Esuong, U. U. (2017). Concept Mapping and Brainstorming for Teaching and Learning of Mathematics. AIMS Research Journal, (3), (1), 37 – 42, USA

Edoho, E. A., and Esuong, U. U. (2017). Concept Mapping and the Teaching of Mathematics. Education for Today, 13, (2), 135 – 139.

Edoho, E. A., Asuquo, I. M. and Esuong, U. U. (2017). Industrial Revolution and its Impact on 21st Century Science Education Attainment. (Special Needs Education, Journal of the Department of Special Education, University of Calabar), 3, (1), 111 - 120.
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