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Dr. Joseph Kayefor Ebigwai

Senior Lecturer


Research oriented, self motivated and aspires to be a solution to global environmental and taxonomic challenges


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25th Annual Conference of Botanical Society of Nigeria (BOSON)
Pollen and Morphometric Characterization of Rhizophora Species in Nigeria
Start: Saturday 1st July, 2017
End: Tuesday 4th July, 2017
WorldSTE, University Malaysia Sarawak (UNIM
Biodiversity resources of the Ogidigben forest, Delta state Nigeria
Start: Sunday 29th September, 2013
End: Thursday 3rd October, 2013
The International Conference on Systematic and Evolutionary Biology, Toronto, Canada
Taxonomic Analysis of some members of Cucurbitoideae using Phytolith Markers
Start: Monday 15th June, 2015
End: Tuesday 16th June, 2015
Canadian Botanical Association, Kamloops
Phytosensitivity mapping of the inland habitats of Ogidigben (Escravos-Nigeria) forest"
Start: Saturday 1st June, 2013
End: Wednesday 5th June, 2013
IUSS global soil conference, Madison USA
Evaluation of carbon sequestration within Phytoliths of some dry farming crops in Calabar, Nigeria
Start: Monday 3rd June, 2013
End: Thursday 6th June, 2013
Systematic without Borders University of Sydney
Morphological systematic of some Nigerian mosses in relation to their heavy metal accumulation across temporal and spatial gradient
Start: Sunday 1st December, 2013
End: Friday 6th December, 2013
20th Annual conference of Botanical Society of Nigeria (BOSON)
Ant diarrhoeal activity of aqueous extract of Zingiber officinale Rosc.(Zingiberaceae)roots in rats
Start: Monday 6th June, 2011
End: Thursday 9th June, 2011
4th International Paleontological Congress (IPC), Mendoza, Buenos Aires Argentina
Palynological evidence of Paleogene-Neogene (Tertiary) Biozonal- Age variations in some sections of the Mfamosing member of the Asu River Group
Start: Tuesday 24th June, 2014
End: Thursday 26th June, 2014

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