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Dr. Akabom-Ita Asuquo

Senior Lecturer

M.Sc, PhD, FCCA, ACA. ; Specialization: Accounting, Operational Research in Accounting and Business Analysis

Asuquo, Akabom-Ita (2008). Applicability of standard magnitude variance in determination of financial progress of selected business organization in Calabar – Nigeria.

Asuquo, Akabom-Ita (2012). Environmental friendly policies and their financial effects on corporate performance of selected oil and gas companies in Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. American International Journal of Contemporary Research (AIJCR).

Asuquo, Akabom-Ita (2011).Factors that Influence Accounting as Career Choice of Nigerian University Students in 21st Century. The Certified National Accountants: A quarterly Journal of Association of National Accountants of Nigeria. ISSN 0189-0662 19 (3) July-September, 2011, 34-38.

Asuquo, Akabom-Ita (2011). Impact of Creative Accounting and Earnings Management on Modern Financial Reporting. The Nigerian Academic Forum: Multi-disciplinary Journal of National Association of the Academics, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. ISSN 1596-3306

Asuquo, Akabom-Ita(2011). The Application of Standard Magnitude Variance in Optimal Capital Structuring/Working capital Management in business organizations. Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Academic Excellence.

Asuquo, Akabom-Ita (2011). Budgetary control and accountability in government parastatals: A empirical investigation in PHCN – Calabar. A Journal of finance an Business Policy.

Asuquo, Akabom-Ita (2012). Revenue Base and Social Assets Creation in Local Government Areas in Cross River State-Nigeria: A Virile Tool for Overcoming Exclusion and Strengthening Inclusion for Sustainable Development in Third World. IOSR Journal of Social Sciences and Humanity (IOSRJSSH). ISSN: 2278-487X 1 (2) (Feb. 2013), 53-62.

Asuquo, Akabom-Ita (2012). Inflation accounting and control through monetary policy measures in Nigeria: Multi-regression analysis (1973-2010). IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSRJBM). ISSN: 2278-487X 1 (2) (May-June 2012), 53-62.

Asuquo, Akabom-Ita (2012). Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Information Technology on Forensic Accounting Practice in Cross River State-Nigeria. International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research 1 (7) ISSN 2277-8616. (August 2012). 25-33. IJSTR Copy Right 2012.

Asuquo, Akabom-Ita (2012). The Implications of Accounting for Transportation Business in Cross River State. African Journal of Social Sciences, London, England. Sacha journals, ISSN 2045-8452, 2 (4) 14-30.

Asuquo, Akabom-Ita (2013). Analysis of Financial Accounting Standards and their effects on Financial Reporting and Practices of Modern Business organizations in Nigeria. European Journal of Business and Management. ISSSN 2222-1905 (Paper) ISSN 2222-2839 Online.

Asuquo, Akabom-Ita (2014). Accounting for influence of execution of financial conventions on revenue utilization in local government areas Nigeria’s experience of level of voluntary compliance. European Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance Research. 2 (5) ISSN 2053- 4086 (Print), ISSN 2053- 4098 (Online).

Asuquo, Akabom-Ita (2013). The Efficiency of Stock Markets in the pricing of Financial Assets: An analysis of the Nigerian Stock Market (2001- 2010). International

Asuquo, Akabom-Ita, et al (2016).Accounting Implications of Cost Involvement in Peace-Keeping on the Economic Growth of Nigeria: The Case of Niger Delta. International Journal of Economics, Finance and Management

Asuquo, Akabom-Ita (2012).Impact Analysis of Interest Rate on Net Assets of Multinational Business in Nigeria

Asuquo, Akabom-Ita (2017). Effect of Inflation Accounting on Business Measurement of Quoted Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria. Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research. ISSN:2454-1362, 3(1)

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