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Mr. Emmanuel E. Etta


Employment History: Emmanuel E. Etta was employed into the University of Calabar, as Assistant Lecturer in the department of Philosophy in April, 2010. Having been upgraded to Lecturer I and have subsequently participated in the University Appraisal/Promotion exercises for the past six (6) years, he is now a Senior Lecturer with the Department of Philosophy. Education: Gained admission into University of Calabar 1995/1996 session, and graduated in 1999/2000 session with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Division. He also enrolled for a Master of Art Degree and graduated in the year 2006. Finally, he bogged on Doctorate Degree with specialty in African philosophy in the year 2010. Grant for the establishment or development of University of Calabar Community Museum and social center still being processed by NDDC. Has taught several courses at under graduate and post graduate level which falls within the different branches of philosophy or the different (ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary) periods in the History of Philosophy. Has given a talk on the role of water in the development of Cultural Heritage. Presented at the 2015 National Monument day held at the National Museum Calabar.

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Etta,Emmanuel E.Asukwo, Offiong O.and Ogar, Joseph N. “The Normative Relevance of African Proverbs”Lwati: Journal of Contemporary Research. Vol.9,Issue 4.206 – 217.2012

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Etta, Emmanuel E. “A Comparative Analysis of Quine and Berkeley’s Notion of Truth” Sophia: AN African Journal of Philosophy and Public Affair. Vol.12 .No.1.168 - 174.2009

Asukwo,Offiong O. and Etta, Emmanuel E.“A Critiques of Plato’s Foundationalism NDUNODE: Calabar Journal of Humanities Vol.8.No.1 27 – 33. 2009.

Etta, Emmanuel E.“The Philosophical Relevance of Tangible African Heritage as a tool for Development” Sophia: An African Journal of Philosophy and Public Affair.Vol.12.No. 2. 51 - 55.2010.

Etta, Emmanuel E. “Karl Jaspers Existentialism “G. O. Ozumba, M. Uka and I. E. Ogar. Critical Essays on phenomenology and Existentialism (Ed). Jochrisam Publishers, Calabar: 2010.

Offiong, O. Asukwo and Etta, Emmanuel E. Etta. “In defence of moral foundationalism” NDUNODE: Calabar Journal of the Humanities. Vol. 9, No. 2. 21 – 36. 2011.

Etta, Emmanuel E. “An Exposition of Pyrrohonist Skepticism” THE LEAJON: An Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. Vol. 2 No. 2 104 – 110. 2011.

Ogar,Joseph N.and Etta, Emmanuel E.“The Paradigm Role of Conscience in Moral Evaluation” Icheke: Journal of Humanities. Ignatius Ajuru University of Education Vol.10,No.1.38 – 48,1.2012.

Etta, Emmanuel E. “The Subject object relationship in Epistemology NDUNODE: Calabar Journal of the Humanities. Vol. 10, No. 1. 21 – 36. 2013.

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Etta, Emmanuel E.and Adekunle A. Ibrahim.“Theory of Meaning as a link Between Metaphysics and Epistemology”.Kyrian A. Ojong and Elijah Okon John.Living Issues in Epistemology (Ed).El-John Publishers, Uyo:2013

Etta, Emmanuel E. “Stoicism” A.F.Uduigwomen and Udofia, C. A. A.Critical History of Philosophy (Ancient and Medieval) (Ed) Ultimate Index Books Publishers Ltd. Calabar:2014.

Etta,Emmanuel E. “African Philosophy”G. O. Ozumba and Kyrian A. Ojong. The Mirror of Philosophy. (Ed).El-John Publishers,Uyo: 2014.

Etta, Emmanuel E., Offiong O.Asukwo and Dimgba Dimgba Esowe. “An Appraisal of Metaphysical Foundation of African Culture” Icheke:Journal of Humanities.Ignatius Ajuru University of Education.Vol. 13.No.2.13 – 28. 2015.

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Local Conference Papers “The nexus between Culture, Rationality and Knowledge”
presented at the Nigerian Philosophical Association 2012 Biennial Conference held at Abuja from 22nd – 25th October, 2012.
Start: Monday 22nd October, 2012
End: Thursday 25th October, 2012
“Education and Freedom”
Foreign Conference Papers Tom Eneyi Ogar and Etta, Emmanuel E.Researchers International Network International Conference-held in Cape Coast, Ghana from 13 – 16 October,2015.
Start: Tuesday 13th October, 2015
End: Friday 16th October, 2015
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