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Prof. Anthony Ogbonna Emeribe

Medical Laboratory Science

Member of the Medical Laboratory Science Council; Postgraduate Degrees from the University of Ibadan and University of Calabar; Registrar/Chief Executive of the Medical Laboratory Council of Nigeria (MLSCN), a Federal Government of Nigeria Agency charged with Regulating Medical Laboratory Services, Medical Laboratory Science Education, In-vitro Diagnostics (test kits, reagents, chemicals and equipment), and Accreditation of Public and Private Medical Laboratories as well as licensing of Medical Laboratory Practitioners; Professor of Laboratory Haematology and Blood Transfusion Science at the College of Medical Sciences, University of Calabar and Honorary Consultant Haematologist, University of Calabar Teaching Hospital.

Abubakar A. G., S. Peters, O. Balogun, S. Osawe, I. Mamman, J. Barde, E. Ojo, N. Wzati, J. Banjo, E. Nige, A. Emeribe, A. G. Abimiku (2016).Implementing Quality Asurance in HIV Testing and POC in Nigeria; In-country Experience. African Journal of Laboratory Medicine. Ref No 445.

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Showing All Conferences Attended

KSM Supreme Council Convention
KSM Supreme Council Convention in Lagos, Nigeria.
Start: Wednesday 29th November, 2017
End: Sunday 3rd December, 2017
Conducted Mentorship Training
Conducted Mentorship Training at the Nigeria Air Force Reference Hospital for Medical Laboratory Scientists to support Laboratories undergoing Continuous Quality Improvement.
Start: Wednesday 24th April, 2013
End: Wednesday 24th April, 2013
African Society for Laboratory Medicine Conference
Co-chair, African Society for Laboratory Medicine Conference on "Combating Global Health Threats", Cape Town, South Africa.
Start: Saturday 3rd December, 2016
End: Thursday 8th December, 2016
Clinical Trials Summit
4th Clinical Trials Summit on "Clinical Research and Public Health Emergencies in Sub-Saharan Africa."
Start: Monday 1st June, 2015
End: Thursday 4th June, 2015
W.H.O. Strategic Group of Experts Meeting
W.H.O. Strategic Group of Experts on In-vitro Diagnostics Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.
Start: Monday 16th April, 2018
End: Friday 20th April, 2018

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Grant Description:
W.H.O. TDR Grant on Platelet Function and Haemorrheologic changes in Trypanosomiasis.
World Health Organization (W.H.O.)

15000.00  USD
Date Received:
Grant Description:
NUC/World Bank Grant for Research Fellowship at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.
NUC/World Bank

20000.00  USD
Date Received:
Grant Description:
US-CDC/MLSCN Cooperative Agreement on Mentoring Nigerian Medical Laboratories for Accreditation.

5000.00  USD
Date Received: