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Mrs. Ediene Victoria Francis

Lecturer II
Soil Science

Mrs. Ediene Victoria holds a B. Agric. and M.Sc (Soil Microbiology) certificate, both from the University of Calabar. She is committed to research. Her past research has focused mainly on isolating and identifying soil microorganisms in soil ecosystems disturbed by human activities with the objective of understanding their role and contributions to soil remediation, productivity and sustainability. Mrs. Ediene has research publications in both local and foreign journals.She possesses a high moral rectitude and a good team spirit. She is currently studying for her Ph.D. Mrs. Ediene is happily married with two children.

Ediene, V. F., O. B. Iren and M. G. Solomon (2017). The Effects of Different Concentrations of Crude Aqueous Extract of Artemisia annua on Soil Microbes. Journal of Advances in Microbiology 3(1): 1-7.

V. F. Ediene and S. B. A. Umoetok (2017). Concentration of Heavy Metals in Soils at the Municipal Dumpsite in Calabar Metropolis. Asian Journal of Environment and Ecology, 3(2): 1-11.

Ediene, V. F. and O.B. Iren (2017). Impact of Abattoir Effluents on the pH, Organic Matter, Heavy Metal Levels and Microbial Composition of Surrounding Soils in Calabar Municipality. Asian Journal of Environment and Ecology 2(3): 1-10.

Ofem, KI, V. F. Ediene, John K. and A. U. Akpan-Idiok (2017). Spatial Variability of Soil Properties in Yakurr Local Government Area, Southeast Nigeria. Asian Journal of Plant and Soil Sciences, 2(1): 6-16

Iren, OB and Ediene V. F. (2017). Effect of Spent Engine Oil Discharge on Soil Properties in Selected Automobile Workshop in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering and Technology, 4 (2): 392-401.

Ediene V. F., Ofem K. I., Unuigbe B. O, Enyiegoro, K. P. (2016). Assessment of the Physicochemical and Microbial Properties of Rhizosphere Soils Under Mono-plantations and Rain Forest in South Eastern Nigeria. International Journal of Life Science and Scientific. Research, 2(5) pp 531-540.

Victoria F. Ediene, Faith N. Ahuchaogu and A. E. Eneji (2016). Potential of Cyperus rotundus for Remediating Soils Polluted with Spent Engine Oil: Changes in Soil Chemical and Microbial Properties. International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, Volume 7, Issue (7) pp 1002-1016.

Iren .O. B., V. F. Ediene, I. D. Uwah, and V. E. Ekpenyong (2016). Influence of varied ratios of cassava and pig manure based compost on soil properties and yield of okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L) Moench. Proceedings of the 50th Annual Conference of Agricultural Society of Nigeria (ASN) held at National Root Crop Research Institute (NRCRI), Umudike, Abia state. October 3rd -7th. Pp 1100 – 1103.

O. B. Iren, J. F. Akpan, V. F. Ediene and E. E. Asanga (2015). Influence of cassava peels and poultry manure-based compost on soil properties, growth and yield of waterleaf (Talinum triangulare Jacq) in an ultisol of south-eastern Nigeria. Journal of Soil Science and Environmental Management. Vol 6 (7). Pp 187-194. http:/

Ediene V. F., Solomon M. G., Iren, O. B, and Brisibe, E. A. (2015). Effects of Artemisia annua dried leaves on soil microbial population. International Journal of Research and Development in Technology, Vol 3 (6) pp100-105.

Ediene, V. F., Solomon, M. G, Egwuatu, A, Iren O. and Umoetok, S. B. (2013). Effects of Raw Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) On Physicochemical and Microbial Properties of the Soil in Ibiae, Biase Local Government Area, Cross River State. Proceedings of the 37th Annual Conference of Soil Science Society of Nigeria (SSSN) held at TA’AL Conference Hotel, Lafia. March 11- 15. Pp 36 – 43.

Umoetok, S. B. A, Solomon, M. G, Bello, S. O and Etim, V. J. (2011). The Microbial Components and Activities of Soil at a Dump Site in Calabar, Cross River State. Nigerian Journal of Soil Science 21(1). Pp 41 – 46.

Akpan-Idiok, A.U., I. E. Esu and V. J. Etim (2004). Characteristics and Classification of Basaltic Soil on a Toposequence in Southeast, Nigeria. Proceedings of the 27th Annual Conference of Soil Science society of Nigeria (SSSN) held at the University of held at the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, 6- 10 December, 2004. Pp 64 – 70.

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