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Dr. Frank Ndoma Enor

Associate professor
History and International Studies

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Enor, F. N. The Nta and their Neighbours: Inter-groups Relations in the Central Cross River Region. Calabar: Jochrisam Publishers, 2007.

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Ekpo, Charles E. and Enor, Frank N. (2016). “Between Counterterrorism, Human Rights and National Security: The Nigeria’s Government Dilemma” Ndunode (forthcoming)

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Showing All Conferences Attended

Theme being “Federalism in Historical Perspective: A Curse or Blessing”.
Attended the 2007 K. O.Dike Memorial Lecture delivered at the University of Calabar, 12th November.
Start: Monday 12th November, 2007
End: Monday 12th November, 2007
Attended a 2 day workshop on ‘Step-B sensitization and Proposal Development’ .
Organized by the Directorate of Research, University of Calabar, 27th – 28th January, 2009.
Start: Tuesday 27th January, 2009
End: Wednesday 28th January, 2009
A 2 day Workshop on ‘Thesis Supervision and Creative Teaching’
Organized by the University of Calabar Graduate School, 25th – 26th February, 2013.
Start: Monday 25th February, 2013
End: Tuesday 26th February, 2013
Theme being “Democracy, Gender and Peace-Building in Africa”.
Attended the Second Int’l Conference of the Department of History and Int’l Studies, University of Calabar, September 21st-23rd, 2016.
Start: Wednesday 21st September, 2016
End: Friday 23rd September, 2016
Theme being “Arts and Human Development: the Challenges of University in the 21st Century.
A Two Day First Faculty of Arts International Conference (FAICON) at UNIYO. July 4 – July 12, 2014.
Start: Friday 4th July, 2014
End: Saturday 12th July, 2014
A 2 day workshop on ‘Professional Values and Empowerment for Academic Staff’
Organized by the Centre for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE), University of Calabar in collaboration with DAGRACEM CONSULT AND SERVICES LTD, 15th – 16th August, 2012.
Start: Wednesday 15th August, 2012
End: Thursday 16th August, 2012
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