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Dr. Sunday Afu Marcus

Lecturer II
Soil Science

I am a liberal gentleman with strong moral and ethical values and strong character. A free being who is social and very hard working with a philosophy that is anchored only on the will of God Almighty in my life. My specialization is Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy.

Afu, S. M; Amalu, U. C. And Isong, J. A. (2017). Fertility Status and Sustainability Assessment of Soils Supporting Production of Pineapple (Ananas comosus) in Cross River State. Nigerian Journal of Soil Environmental Research Vol 15: 2017, pge 187-192.

Afu, S. M, Uquetan, U. I, Effiom, D. O and John, K. (2017). Influence of Parent Materials on properties and Management of Soils in South East Nigeria. Africa Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology (AJAST) Vol. 5, Issues 1.pp.894-899.

Afu, S. M; Asadu C. L. A, Effiom, D. O. (2016). Comparative Evaluation of the Contributions of Clay, Silt and Organic Matter to Cation Exchange Capacity of Soils under Nigeria. Journal of Soil and Environmental Research Vol 14: 114- 124

Afu, S. M; Asadu, C. L. A: Ofem, K. I. and Olim, D. M. (2016). Contribution of Organic Matter Fractions to the Cation Exchange Capacity of Soil Organic Matter under four land uses in Southeastern Nigeria. African Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology (AJAST) Vol:4 Issue 12,Pp.871-876.

Ofem, K. I, Akpan-idiok; A,U; Afu, S.M; and Esu. I. E. (2016). Land suitability Evaluation of residual and Colluvio-alluvial Soils for oil palm Cultivation in Biase, Cross River State, Nigeria. African Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology (AJAST)vol. 4, Issue 4 pp.683-691.

Nsor, M. E, Akamigbo, F .O. R, and Afu, S. M (2014). Survey and Classification of Soils of Garnet, Hornblende, Gnesis origin in the Humid Tropics of South Southern Nigeria. Proceedings of Soils Science Society of Nigeria, pp 46-54.

Oniah, M. O; Adinya, I. B; Kekong, M, A; Ogar, E. A. and Afu, S. M. (2010). Profitability analysis in egg plant fruits production in Cross River State. Nigerian Southeast Journal of Agricultural Economics and Extension. Vol.9 nos. Pp36-40.

Afu, S. M; Asadu, C. L A; and Nsor, M.E. (2016). Characterization and Classification of some selected Soils of different land use history in Northern Cross River State Nigeria. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture and Environment. (accepted March, 2017).

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