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Mrs. Antonia Inaja, Emmanuel

ASSOC. Professor
Guidance and Counselling


I am Dedicated Staff and Seasoned Counselor of the University. I love Researching, listening to Gospel music, Reading, Cooking and Travelling


Publications by Antonia Inaja,

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Inaja, A. E. (2012). An investigation of the impact of Jolly Phonics literacy teaching methodology in Cross River State public school, Nigeria. Being paper presented at the Annual Jolly Phonics Trainers’ conference and All Party Parliamentary Group Meeting (APPG) held at Gillwell Park Conference Centre, Chingford, London, UK, 13th-16th July.

Inaja, A. E.  & Anake, P. M. (2015). Retirement adjustment and attitude towards pre-retirement counselling among secondary school teachers in Cross River State. Being paper presented at the 3rd Annual conference of the Institute of Education held at International Conference Centre, University of Calabar, Calabr, 21st-24th October.

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A. E  Inaja, K. B Abam & P. M. Anke (2010). Counsellor and counselling facilities for conducive environment in senior secondary schools in Southern Education Zone in Cross River State. Being paper presented at the Annual national conference of the Counselling Association of Nigeria held at Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, Nsukka, Enugu State, 2nd-6th August.

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