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Dr. Eyo Orok Edet

Lecturer I
Agricultural Economics

Dr Eyo Orok Edet, a Nigerian by origin and birth was born in Aba, Abia State in 1976. He is a Lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Economics with specialization in Environmental and Resource Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry & Wildlife Resources Management, University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria. His core responsibility in the University is Teaching, Research and Community Service. He has published several scholarly articles in both local and international learned journals and has quiet demonstrated academic intelligence, proficiency and scholarship in his chosen career. He is an accomplished academic with large dose of intellectual prowess and academic honesty. Besides, he is an Environmental Consultant to World Bank, Government and Private Companies including Oil and Gas Companies such as Shell Petroleum BP, Agip, Exxon Mobil and has served professionally in several Panel Review projects for the Federal Ministry of Environment (FMEnv), Nigeria and has dutifully served as Returning Officer for the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) for Anambra State from 2011 – date. He is very proficient in both written and oral communication in English language, Hausa, Efik and Oron languages. He is married with children.

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Edet, E.O.; Idung, E.J; and Abang, S.O. (2018). Determinants of Agricultural Gross Domestic Product in Nigeria. A Cointegration and Error Correction Specification (A paper under review).

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EDET, E.O.; ETTI, P.; HANSON and Eze, B.E (2011).Application of GIS in Analysis of Urban Heatisland in Calabar Metropolis. Nigerian Journal of Space Science. Vol.11, No.1. An international Conference Paper on Space Science held in Abuja-Nigeria from 17-21st October,2011.

Job Bassey E., Eyo O. Edet, Ekene P. Iwuagwu (2015). Influence of tidal regimes in relation to industrial activities on the hydrodynamics of the Calabar River System in Southern Nigeria. International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Studies.2 (6):123:127.ISSN:2347-5129. (ICV-Poland) Impact Value:5.62; (GIF)Impact Factor:0.352

E.O.Edet; Uwah, E.D.;P.O.Udoe,; S.O.Abang and J.S.Ndifreke (2016). Costs and Return Analysis of Fish Farming in Calabar Metropolis, Cross River State Nigeria. Global Journal of Agricultural Science (ISSN 1596 – 2903). Accepted for Publication, Bachudo Science Company Ltd. Manuscript Number GJAS/2016/005

Edet, E.O.; Udoe, P.O.; Ekong, A.E. and Abam, N.E.(2018).Economics of Environmental Pollution on Cassava-Based Farmers’ Health and Production Efficiency within Lafarge Cement Concession Area in Mfamosing, Cross River State (A Paper under review).

Edet, E.O.; Abang, S.O.and Uwah, E.D.(2018). Performance Assessment of Nigeria’s Selected Export Crop Prices (1970 – 2015): Cointegration and Error Correction Specification.

Edet, E.O.; Abang, S.O.; Etuk, E.A.; Udoe, P.O. and Uwah, E.D.(2018). Economic Impact of Climate Change on Nigeria’s Cocoa Export: A Cointegration and Error Correction Specification.

Edet, E.O.; Abang, S.O.and Uwah, E.D.(2018). Performance Assessment of Nigeria’s Selected Export Crops (1970 – 2015): Specification from Canonical Analysis.

Egbai, O.O., Agbochom, E.E., Akintoye, O.A. and Edet, E.O.(2017). Influence of Ground Cover on Spillways Formation in Ikang, Bakassi Local Government Area, Cross River State, Nigeria. Journal of Physical Science and Environmental Studies. Vol.3(5):58-62. ISSN 2467-8775.

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Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency.
(under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology) held at Pyramid Hotel, Calabar.
Start: Thursday 9th March, 2006
End: Saturday 11th March, 2006
Quality Teaching for Quality Learning in Higher Education.
Organized by the University of Calabar Centre for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) at UNICAL International Conference Centre.
Start: Tuesday 12th February, 2013
End: Wednesday 13th February, 2013
General Statistics (GENSTAT) Training.
Organized by MacGeorge and George Rs Ltd(Empowerment through ICT Development).
Start: Wednesday 29th June, 2011
End: Thursday 30th June, 2011
Basic Mathematical Modelling with Special Emphasis on “ Formulation of Mathematical Models From Physical Problems".
Held at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, National Center For Equipment Maintenance and Development (NCEMD).
Start: Monday 14th September, 2015
End: Friday 18th September, 2015
water survival and swing Rope and incipient Fire Extinguisher Training in Mobil Production Nigeria(MPN).
The training was meant to equip personnel with skills to survive in water in the event of boat and helicopter mishaps and fire fighting skills.
Start: Saturday 19th May, 2007
End: Monday 21st May, 2007
Step – B Sensitization and Proposal Development.
Organized by the Directorate of Research, University of Calabar, Calabar.
Start: Tuesday 27th January, 2009
End: Wednesday 28th January, 2009
27th Annual Conference of Soil Science Society of Nigeria.
held at Calabar.
Start: Monday 5th November, 2001
End: Friday 9th November, 2001
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