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Dr. Dodeye Uduak Williams

Senior Lecturer
Political Science

Dr. (Mrs) Dodeye Uduak Williams is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Political Science. She holds a Ph.D in international Relations (University of calabar); An M.A Global Security ( university of Sheffied, United Kingdom); An M.Sc in International Relations (University of Nigeria) and a Political Science (University of Calabar). Dr. Williams is a Commonwealth Scholar Alumnus. She was awarded this scholarship in 2008-2009 which was hosted by the centre for African Studies, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom. She has published several journal articles in reputable journals.

 Dodeye Uduak Williams (2015) ‘How Useful are the Major Theories of Ethnic Conflict?’ Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies (AJIS) 4(1): 147-152

Dodeye Uduak Williams (2014) ‘The Commodification of War: Political, Legal and Moral Issues’ Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences (MJSS) 5(27): 1467-1472

Dodeye Uduak Williams (2014) ‘How do we measure the success of Disarmament, Demobilisation and Re-integration (DDR) Programmes?’ International Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies 2(3):1-8

 Dodeye Uduak Williams (2014) ‘Relevance of Mary Kaldor’s ‘new wars’ Thesis in the 21st century’ Journal of Law and Conflict Resolution 6(5): 84-88 (Nairobi, Kenya Academic Journals)

U B Obo & D U Williams (2014) ‘Contemporary International Law and the Peripheral Status of Africa: A Critical Analysis’ IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 19(9): 11-17

 Dodeye Uduak Williams (2012) ‘Troop Deployment and Effective Peace Operations in Africa: African Union Mission in Darfur (AMIS) (2004-2006)’Mediterranean Journal Of Social Sciences (MJSS) 3(3): 313-321

 Dodeye Uduak Williams (2012) ‘The 2003 Conflagration in Darfur: An Empirical Analysis’ African Rennaissance: Democratic peace versus democratic conflict in Africa 9(3-4): 115-127

Dodeye Uduak Williams (2010) ‘Dimensions in the Construction of National Identity in Nigeria’ Studies in World Christianity: The Edinburgh Review of Theology and Religion Volume 16 (2): 169-179 (Edinburgh University Press, 22 George Square, Edinburgh EH8 9LF)

 Uno Ijim Agbor & Dodeye Uduak Williams (2008) ‘The State, University & Industry in the Development of Science and Technology’ African Journal of Contemporary Issues Volume 8 No 1 pp 81- 92 University of Yaoundé, Cameroun

Ugumanim Bassey Obo & Dodeye Uduak Williams (2008) ‘The Politics of Anticorruption Campaign in Nigeria (1999-2006) A Critique’ Calabar Journal of Politics and Administration Vol. 4 No 1 pp 44-62, University of Calabar, Nigeria

Joseph C. Ebegbulem & Dodeye Uduak Williams (2008) ‘Nigerian Foreign Policy and Foreign Direct Investment (1999-2007) A Critical Assessment’ Journal of Policy and Development Studies Vol. 2 No 1 pp 75-81 University of Enugu, Nigeria

Dodeye Uduak Williams (2014) ‘Global Poverty: A Threat to International Peace and Security’ Journal of Good Governance and Sustainable Development in Africa (JGGSDA) 2(3): 16-23

Dodeye Uduak Williams (2016) ‘The Role of Conflict Resolution in Counterterrorism in Nigeria: A Case Analysis of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) and Boko Haram (BH)’ Peace Research: The Canadian Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies 48(1-2): 173-202

 Dodeye Uduak Williams (2017) The African Union (AU) Counterterrorism Framework and the Rhetoric of Regional Cooperation International Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies 4(2): 1-19

Dodeye Uduak Williams & Ebegbulem, Joseph (2018) Is War Amoral? Journal of Political Science and Leadership Research 4(1): 50-57

 Dodeye Uduak Williams (2018) ‘Countering Terrorism or Countering Religion? Implications for the Global War on Terror’ International Journal of Public Administration and Management, 4(3): 62-75

Dodeye Uduak Williams et al (2018) “The Utility of Military Force and The Global War on Terror: Strategic or Tactical?” Journal of Humanities and Social Policy 4(2): 1-11

Dodeye Uduak Williams (2018) “Strategic Culture and Nigeria’s National Security Policy: Implications for Counterterrorism” Journal of Political Science and Leadership Research 4(2): 1-9

Dodeye Uduak Williams (2018) Is there any Consistency regarding Western Intervention in Conflicts? Submitted to Research Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies (RJHCS) 4(1): 19-29

Dodeye Uduak Williams (2012) “Christianity and the Negotiation of Cultures: A Case Study of Yakurr Festivals in Nigeria” in A. Adogame, E. Chitando and B. Bateye (eds) (2012) African Traditions in the Study of Religion in Africa   pp. 149-160 Ashgate, Ashgate Publishing Limited, Wey Court East, Union Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7PT, England

Agi, S. P. I & Dodeye U. Williams (2012) “Conflict Management and Peacekeeping in Africa” in A. Akpuru-Aja, C. O. Ndifon, N. O Nwaodu (eds.) (2012) Law, Conflicts and Human Rights in Africa pp 268-304, Centre for Human Capacity Development in Sub-Sahara (CHCDSS), 6 Ogidi Street, Garki II Abuja in Collaboration with Centre for American Studies, (CAAS) 5411 Bannantyne Avenue, Verdun QC H4H 1G1, Canada.

Dodeye Uduak Williams (2014) ‘Contesting Meaning and Gender: The Role of Christianity in an African Indigenous Religious Festival’ in G. Vincent, E. Obinna and A. Adogame Christianity in the Modern World: Changes and Controversies pp. 175-187 Ashgate Publishing Limited, Wey Court East, Union Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7PT, England.

Dodeye Uduak Williams (2012) ‘Peace and Conflict Studies’ in C.O Bassey and G.O. Ozumba (ed.) Political Science: An Introductory Reader pp. 564-606 Concept Publications Limited, Palmgrove, Lagos, Nigeria.

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Centre for African Studies (CAS) International Conference, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
The theme of the conference was "Africa in Scotland and Scotland in Africa". It was organised by the Centre for African Studies (CAS), Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Start: Wednesday 29th April, 2009
End: Friday 1st May, 2009
British Sociological Annual Conference, London United Kingdom
The theme of the conference was "Engaging Sociology"
Start: Wednesday 3rd April, 2013
End: Friday 5th April, 2013
Repertoires of Violence Conference of the Representation of Peace and Conflict, York, United Kingdom
The Conference was held by the Centre for Peace Studies, York st. Johns University
Start: Wednesday 1st July, 2009
End: Thursday 2nd July, 2009
Empowerment for Darfur Women Conference, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
This conference was organised by the United Nations Association in collaboration with the Darfur Training Committee in Edinburgh, UK
Start: Thursday 26th February, 2009
End: Friday 27th February, 2009
The Annual meeting of the Society for Scientific Study of Religion (SSSR) Atlanta, USA
The conference focused on the diverse public roles of religion where pluralism and globalisation are recasting religions public face. One of the areas of focus was the political and social meaning of secularism across regions and the political impact of secular actors on the place of religion in public life
Start: Sunday 27th November, 2016
End: Wednesday 30th November, 2016
The Sociology of Religion (SOCREL) Study Group Annual Conference, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
The Theme of the conference was the "Changing face of Christianity".
Start: Tuesday 6th April, 2010
End: Thursday 8th April, 2010
Italian Political Science Association Annual Conference, Rome, Italy
The Societá Italiana di Scienza Politica (SISP) held this annual conference where the standing group on Religion and Politics hosted three panels namely: Transnational Religious Actors, The Religious Factor in Contemporary Political Movements and Religion and Elections. These panels showcased the influence f religion on patterns of social and political relationships and how these shape the dynamics of contemporary societies.
Start: Thursday 13th September, 2012
End: Saturday 15th September, 2012
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