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Mrs. Juliana Igiri Anozeng

Assistant Lecturer
Agricultural Economics

I am Juliana Anozeng Igiri, from Ediba in Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria. I am married to Prof Igiri and the marriage is blessed with four lovely children. I am an assistant lecturer and a Ph.D student in the Department of Agricultural Economics University of Calabar. My area of specialization is Agricultural Marketing and Cooperative.

Igiri, J. A., Arigor, A. and J.Jimmy Bassey(2015).Comparative analysis of means relative marketingmargins for oil across three urban markets in cross river state, Nigeria.African journal of advance agricultural research.

Igiri, J. A.,Arigor, A. J., Bassey, J. I. and Edet, O. G.(2015). Analysis Of Mean Relative Marketing Margins For Technical and Special Palm Oil Across Three Urban Markets in Cross River State, Nigeria.International Journal Of Agriculture Innovations And Research.

Enimu, S., Igiri, J., and Uduma, S. I.(2015). An Assessment of The Performance of Community Banks in Financing Resource Poor Farmers in Delta State. International Research Journal on Marketing and Economics.

E. D. Uwah, A. J. Arigor,J. A. Igiri and J. U. Ekong(2017). Empirical Analysis of Egg Production Functions: A Study of IkotEkpenen and Uyo Metropolis of AkwaIbom State, Nigeria. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics and Sociology.

Enimu, Solomon E., Igiri, J., Edet, G. O., Enoh, Uwa andOfem, I. Uket(2017). Evaluating the dynamics and marketing efficiency of palmoil in Delta State,Nigeria

Ajah, E.A, Igiri, J.A. and Ekpenyong, H. B.(2017). Determinants of Access to Credit among Rice Farmers in Biase Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria. Global Journal of Agricultural Sciences,16(1)43-51

O.G. Edet, E. E. Agbachom, J. A. Igiri and G. A. Sampson(2016). Analysis of Borrowing and Repayment of Credit Among Livestock Farmers in Cross River State, Nigeria. Global Journal of Pure And Applied Science.

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