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Dr. Joseph Nkang Ogar

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Joseph Nkang Ogar was employed on the 1st of September, 2008 as Lecturer II in the Department of Philosophy, University of Calabar. At his entering appointment, I had B.A Hons in Philosophy 1997, Master of Arts Degree in Philosophy in 2002 and Doctor of Philosophy of Law in the year 2006. Dr. Joseph N. Ogar taught many courses at the undergraduate levels from 2008-2011 before being promoted to Lecturer I and consequent upon this promotion, he was admitted into the Post graduate Lecturers of the Department and has since been teaching ethnics, Epistemology, introduction to Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Bioethics, at both under graduate and post graduate levels. Dr. Joseph Ogar is a peer reviewer to many International Journals, also he is the production editor of the LEAJON: An Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. Dr. Ogar has beside many undergraduate students who passed through his supervision, successfully supervised 3 Masters and 4 Ph.D students. Besides, Dr. Ogar attended 2 Local Conferences and 4 International Conferences. He also has over 50 research works published in both local and international journals of high repute. Dr. Joseph Nkang Ogar is a member of Philosophical Association of Nigeria. He is very prolific and keenly following his research interest in Bioethics, Ethics, Professional Ethics and Philosophy of Law. He was promoted to the position of a Senior Lecturer in 2014. Currently, he has applied for the rank of Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy.

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Ogar, J. N., Abel Ushie, and Bassey Samuel Akpan. ‘Capital Punishment and Crime Control in Nigeria: An Ethical View’ International Journal of Modern Research and Reviews. Volume 5, Issue 2, 1505-1508, February, 2017.

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Paper Presented: ‘’ The quest and use of money in the Global World. A Philosophical Excogitation’’.
Premier Edition of Faculty of Arts International Conference University of Calabar. Theme: Globalization and Democratic Issues in Africa: Perspectives in the Humanities 15th April, 2016.
Start: Friday 15th April, 2016
End: Friday 15th April, 2016
Paper Presented: ‘’ Personal Identity and the Problems of personhood’’. : ‘’ Common Sense Proof of Common Humanity in the Face of Man’s inhumanity to Man’’.
Paper Presented National Biennal Conference of the Nigerian Philosophical Association on the Theme: Personhood and Personal Identity, University of Calabar, 9th – 10th October 2008
Start: Thursday 9th October, 2008
End: Friday 10th October, 2008
Paper Presented: A philosophical Consideration of Democratic leadership in Nigeria: loss of Na
International Conference on the Theme: Nationalism and Economic Justice in Nigeria, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, 7th – 10th May, 2013.
Start: Tuesday 7th May, 2013
End: Friday 10th May, 2013
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