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Prof. Simon Elle Majuk

History and International Studies

Employment History: Appointed Graduate Assistant, Department of History, University of Calabar in October 1985. Retired as Professor in December, 2017. Appointed Reader on contract in April, 2017. In the 2012/2013 session, taught at Kogi State University on sabbatical leave. Education: Attended St. Thomas’s College, Ogoja, 1974 – 1979; the University of Calabar, 1980 – 1984; Ahmadu Bello University, 1985 – 1989; University of Calabar, 1991 – 1994. Obtained B.A (Hons), 1984, M.A, 1989; Ph.D, 1995. Grants/Fellowships: • Cross River State Undergraduate Scholarship – 1980 – 1984 • University of Calabar Study Fellowship for M.A Programme at A.B.U, Zaria – 1985 – 1989. Awards/Honours: Principal’s Prize for Academic Excellence at T.T.C, Ogoja, - 1975 Prof Eyo Ita Prize for Best Graduating Student, History Department, University of Calabar - 1984 University of Calabar Certificate of Commendation for Excellent Performance of Duty - 2009 Teach: • Taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the University of Calabar from 1987 to March 2012 and May 2013 to date. • Taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Kogi State University, Anyigba from April 2012 to March 2013. Journal reviewer/Editor experiences/Review panels: • Member, Editorial Board, Calabar Historical Journal – 2000 – 2004 • Paper Reviewer for several journals in several universities.

Majuk,S.E.,Erim,P.O.and Ajor,J.O.“Bakor Women in Pottery Production in Colonial Southeastern Nigeria”.The Journal of International Social Research (Turkey),3.2(2013),pp.416-420

Erim P.O.,Majuk,S.E.and Ajor,J.O.“The Canoe Craft of the Ogoja People in a Survival Battle in Colonial Nigeria”. Abibisem: Journal of African Culture and Civilization (University of Cape Coast,Ghana),3.0(2010),pp.23 – 36

Ajor,J.O.,Majuk,S.E.and Erim,P.O.“Colonial Challenge to the Ogoja Salt Industry, Eastern Nigeria”.LWATI:A Journal of Contemporary Research(Beijing, China),7.4,(2011),pp.84 – 91,

Majuk,S.E.“Islamic Radicalism and Poverty in Northern Nigeria: A Historical Perspective”, Articles base, New York(2012)

Majuk,S.E.“The Rise and Fall of Bansara Town in Ogoja Province, Southeastern Nigeria,1910 – 1960:The Role of Transportation Infrastructure”.International Journal of Good Governance and Sustainable Development in Africa, 2.4,(2015)

Majuk,S.E.“Traditional Aristocrats, Colonialism and Capitalism in Northern Nigeria: The Sokoto Eample,1903-1960”. Tropical Focus:International Journal Series on Tropical Issues (University of Buea, Cameroon), 12.2, (2011),pp.276 – 283

Michael O.Bonchuk and Simon E.Majuk, “Nigeria-Cameroon Cross-Cultural Cooperation and Development”,Scholars Journal of Arts,Humanities and Social Sciences (SAS Publishers, India),3.6a (2015),pp.1107-1114

Majuk,S.E.“Chieftaincy Institution as it Relates to the Stone (Akwanshi) Culture among the Bakor of Upper Cross River Region of Nigeria”.The Calabar Historical Journal, 4.1(2001),pp.54-62

Majuk,S.E.“Imperialism and the Manipulation of Religion in the Middle East”.West African Journal of Research and Development in Education,8.1(2001),pp.137-141

Majuk,S.E.“Political and Social Consequences of Religious Conflicts in Lebanon”.Sophia: An African Journal of Philosophy,4.0(2002),pp.72-78

Majuk,S.E.“Management of Inter-Group Relations in Pre-Colonial Nigeria:The Bakor Example”. Ndunode: Calabar Journal of Humanities,3.2(2002),pp.1-9

Majuk,S.E.“Political Manipulation of Religion in Northern Nigeria:The Colonial Antecedents.” African Journal of Economy and Society,5.1(2003),pp.1-7

Majuk,S.E.“The Role of Museums in the Promotion of Culture,Environment and Sustainable Development”. Calabar Studies in Languages, 15.1(2009),pp.198 – 212

Majuk,S.E.“Zionism and the Problem of World Peace”. Sophia:An African Journal of Philosophy,12.1,(2009),pp.175-178

Majuk S.E.“The Atam among Ogoja Bakor: An Adaptation of Ngbe (Leopard) Society in Southeastern Nigeria”. CAJOLIS: Calabar Journal of Liberal Studies,15.1(2011),pp.64-76

Majuk,S.E.“Globalization and the Nigeria Experience: The Case of Old Wine in New Wine Skin”.The Calabar Historical Journal,5.1.2(2011),pp.229-242

Majuk,S.E.“Colonialism and National Integration: An Analysis of British Policies in Northern Nigeria”. Sophia:An African Journal of Philosophy,13.2(2011),pp.43 – 50.

Majuk,S.E.“The System of Slavery in Bakor,South Eastern Nigeria,1850-1960”. Global Journal of Arts,Humanities and Social Sciences, 3.11,(2015),pp.92-100

Majuk,S.E.“Age-grade Institution among the Bakor of the Upper Cross River Region: Some Considerations as to its usefulness in the Establishment of Chronology”. Ndunode:Calabar Journal of Humanities, 3.1(2000),pp. 29-41

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Theme: “From Barriers to Bridges: Rethinking African Boundaries, Regional Economic Integration and Identity Politics in Post-Colonial Africa”.
An International Conference Organized by the Department of History and International Studies, University of Calabar.November 25-28, 2015.
Start: Wednesday 25th November, 2015
End: Saturday 28th November, 2015
Paper Presented: “The Atam among the Bakor of the Upper Cross River:An Adaptation of Ngbe to suit local conditions”.
3-Day Workshop on Cultural Identities and Documentation, organized by Eskor Toyo Centre at Marian Hotels, Calabar, 7-9 December, 2000.
Start: Thursday 7th December, 2000
End: Saturday 9th December, 2000
53rd Congress of Historical Society of Nigeria.
Co-ordinator and Chairman, Local Organizing Committee, 53rd Congress of Historical Society of Nigeria at the University of Calabar, 12th – 15th November, 2007
Start: Monday 12th November, 2007
End: Thursday 15th November, 2007
Paper Presented:“The Bakor of the Upper Cross River Region”.
2-Day Workshop on Federalism and Governance, organized by Eskor Toyo Centre, Oron,3-4 October, 2000.
Start: Tuesday 3rd October, 2000
End: Wednesday 4th October, 2000
Paper Presented: “Grassroots Governance in Pre-colonial Nigeria. The Bakor Example”.
3rd IPPA International Seminar, University of Calabar, 27-28 September, 2001.
Start: Thursday 27th September, 2001
End: Friday 28th September, 2001
Paper Presented:“The Lineage Institution among the Bakor of the Upper Cross River Region on Nigeria. Its role in the Economic Empowerment of the People in the Pre-colonial Era”.
45th Congress of Historical Society of Nigeria at University of Uyo, Uyo 13th-15th November, 2000.
Start: Monday 13th November, 2000
End: Wednesday 15th November, 2000
Paper Presented: “The Political Economy of the Bakor of the Upper Cross River Region”.
2-Day Workshop on Accelerated Poverty Alleviation organized by Eskor Toyo Centre at Oron, 20-21 February, 2001.
Start: Tuesday 20th February, 2001
End: Wednesday 21st February, 2001
Paper Presented: “Calabar Bakor Relations, 1900 – 1967: A Study in Inter-Group Relations”.
International Conference on Calabar.Theme: “Calabar through Times and Issues and Challenges”. University of Calabar, April 24-27, 2013.
Start: Wednesday 24th April, 2013
End: Saturday 27th April, 2013
Paper Presented:“British Colonial Policies in Northern Nigeria and the Problem of National Integration”.
36th Congress of Historical Society of Nigeria, Usman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto, 20 – 23 May 1991.
Start: Monday 20th May, 1991
End: Thursday 23rd May, 1991
Paper Presented:“Bakor Stone Culture in the Upper Cross River Region”.
Seminar on the Cross River Basin: Nature and Culture, Old Residency Museum, Calabar, 19 – 20 May 1997.
Start: Monday 19th May, 1997
End: Tuesday 20th May, 1997
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