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Lecturer II
Geography and Environmental Science


Tokunbo Alaga Olorundami is an Academic with several years of experience in the classroom in the UK and Nigeria. He is a Geospatial Analyst and Urban sustainability strategist. He is also a business development consultant with African Development study Centre (ADSC) with campuses in the UK, United States, Asia, and Africa. He is currently a PhD researcher at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK. Tokunbo holds two Masters degrees, a Bsc and a diploma with other specialized trainings from the University of Dundee, University of Nottingham, Said Business School, Oxford University, University of Calabar, and School of Geodesy and Environmental Studies, Kaduna Polytechnic. Tokunbo is very keen on globalisation, sustainability, and the adaptation and preparation of the next generation of leaders for the African continent. Tokunbo has a distinction in working with young people around the globe. He is a volunteer for many organisations, including the United Nations Special Forces.


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