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Engr. Edward Ingio Adah

Lecturer II
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Engr. Edward Ingio Adah is a humbled and dedicated Engineer and Lecturer in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Calabar, Nigeria. He obtained his M. Eng in Civil/Structural engineering, from FUTO and a B. Eng. in Civil Engineering from University of Agriculture Markurdi, Nigeria. He has also received several IT Trainings. He has work in several construction companies and handled various responsibilities, such as site Engineer, Cops limited in Sokoto, Gitto etc,. He has also worked in Cross river State Water Board Ltd where he grew to the rank of Principal Engineer, as one of the Project Engineers, and Branch Managers, from where he joined the University of Calabar as Lecturer II in May, 2017. His research interest is in Structural Engineering, Computational Mechanics, Geotechnical Engineering, Civil Engineering Materials and Reliability.

Dr. D. O. Onwuka, Dr. Owus M. Ibearugbulem and Edward I. Adah, 2016. Stability Analysis of Axially Compressed SSSS and CSCS Plates Using Matlab Programming. International Journal of Science and Technoledge. Vol. 4, Issue 1, pp 66 - 71

O. M. Ibearugbulem, E. I. Adah, D. O. Onwuka and C. P. Anyadiegwu, 2016. Computer Based Free Vibration Analysis of Isotropic Thin Rectangular CCCC Plate. International Journal of Engineering and Science. Vol. 5, Issue 7, Pp 38-41

Adah, E. I., Onwuka, D. O., and Ibearugbulem, O. M. 2016. Development of Polynomial Based Program for Pure Bending Analysis of SSSS Rectangular Thin Isotropic Plate. International Journal of Science, Engineering and Technological Research. Vol. 5, Issue 7, Pp 2290-2295.

Okoroafor, S. U., Ibearugbulem, O. M., Onukwugha, E. R., Anyaogu, L.,and Adah, E. I. 2017. Structural Characteristics of Sawdust-Sand-Cement Composite. International Journal of Advancement in Research and Technology. Vol. 6, Issue 1, pp 173-180.

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4th National Water Conference: Water Coorporation-Building Partnership, Calabar
The Conference was aimed at building partnership among Water Utilities, establishments, professionals and foreign investors for effective and efficient management of Water resources for optimum benefit for all Nigerians.
Start: Tuesday 22nd October, 2013
End: Thursday 24th October, 2013
Bench-Marking Study Tour to National Water and Sewerage Corporation, Kampala, Uganda
The purpose was to understudy the Uganda Water Utility in order to see areas of improvement of the Cross River State Water Board.
Start: Monday 13th June, 2016
End: Wednesday 15th June, 2016
Result-Based Project Procurement Process and Management, Acrra, Ghana.
This was aimed at equipping Project Procurement Officers with the required knowledge on best International practices especially World Bank approach, to result oriented procurement processes and managerial skills and ethics.
Start: Monday 8th December, 2014
End: Friday 12th December, 2014
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