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Dr. Greg Ekpung Edame

Associate Professor


 Greg Ekpung Edame, Ph.D, FCPA; is currently an Associate Professor of Economics at the department of Economics, and past Sub-Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, university of Calabar, Calabar-Nigeria.  Born at Mfom 11 Ekajuk in Ogoja Local Government Area, Cross River State Nigeria. He holds a Doctorate degree in Economics, with specialization in public finance and fiscal policy, from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Nigeria. M.Sc (Monetary Economics), PGDE from ABU – zaria and B.Sc (Hon) Economics (Sussex) U.K. Dr. Edame, also holds a Certificate in Climate Change Science and Modeling Biophysical and Economic Impacts from UNU-WIDER/AERC. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Local Government and Public Administration of Nigeria and a member of several other professional organizations including the Nigerian Economic Society,  West African Economic Society, Nigerian Economics Educators, Member institute purchasing and supply, London, Member : Financial Management Association International USA, Member : International Institute of Public Finance, Member Institute of Management Specialist, UK. Member: European Centre for Research Training and Development, UK. Member: IRDI, Research and Development Network. Member, 2007 Cross River State Transition Sub-committee on finance and Economic Development and have taught and published widely in the field of Economics. Dr Edame is a Development Finance Economist with special interest in Public Finance & Fiscal Policy, Public health financing.  Dr Edame has had intensive and diverse range of experience in the last 17 years of teaching, researching and publishing. His primary research interest is in the area of Climate Change and Environmental Economics, Health Economics and Finance, Macro-Economic Theory and modeling, public sector Economics, Economic Development and Financial Sector Development in Nigeria. He is the author of Macro-Economic Theory and Practice in Nigeria, Principles and Theories of Financial Management in Nigeria, Public Finance and Public Financial management in Nigeria, Public Finance, Fiscal policy and Public Financial Management which he co-authored with his Ph.D supervisor.  Others include Development Economics and planning in Nigeria, Contemporary issues on international Economic Relations and Development, and Fundamentals of Public Sector Economics & Policy Issues in Nigeria. Dr Edame, have published more than Fifty (50) international and several local journal articles in reputable journals and contributed several chapters in textbooks as well as attended International conferences across the globe. Dr Edame has over 100 Google scholar citations’ from the list of his publications. Dr  Edame  also had won research grants from African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) a research Network based in Nairobi-Kenya for his Ph.D among others. My aim is to bring my academic and research experiences to become one of the best Nigerian Economist of our time.  


Publications by Greg Ekpung

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