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Dr. Nwobu Emmanuel Nnamdi

Senior Lecturer
Moden Languages and Translation Studies

Dr Nwobu Emmanuel Nnamdi is a specialist in French Linguistic. He has published many papers in the domain. I was employed in the University of Calabar on 17th December, 2013 as a Ph.D holder. I previously taught B.Ed. UNN Students at (NOCEN) Nwator Oriza College at Education Nsugbe, 2017 – 2013. EDUCATION 1. Ph.D Linguistics (French) NAU - 2012 2. M.A. Linguistics (French) NAU - 2006 3. P.G.D French (NAU) - 2003 4. BA.Ed. French (U.N.N) - 1988 5. N.C.E French Anambra State College of Education (Now NOCEN) - 1983

Nwobu, Emmanuel N.,L’interference des phonemes Suprasegmentaux Igbo en prononciation Francaise Journal of Linguistics, Language and Culture, 1, 2014: 37 – 51.

Nwobu, Emmanuel N.,

L’Acquisition du Langage Chez L’enfant, Journal of Multi-Disciplinary Studies, 17, 2009: 167-171.

Nwobu, Emmanuel N. and Ezeani, Emmanuel O.,

Evolution of English Language in Nigeria, Journal of Language and Linguistics 1(1), 2010: 77-87.

Nwobu, Emmanuel N.,

“Linguistique de quoi s’agit – ” Journal of Multi Disciplinary Studies,16(1), 2009: 201-204.

Nwobu, Emmanuel N.,

“La Linguistique Comparee, Etude de la Langue Francise et la langue Igbo” Journal of Calabar studies in languages. October 2016. (Accepted Letter Attached)

Nwobu, Emmanuel N.,

“Phonologie et phonetique” les fondements de l’interpretation semantique en francais parle. Journal of Language and Linguistics, 3(3), Sept. 2017. (Acceptance Letter Attached)

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