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Dr. Escor Efiong Udosen

Associate professor
Linguistics and Communication Studies

Escor Efiong Udosen had his tertiary education at the former University of Cross River State (now University of Uyo) where he obtained the Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Communication Arts/Efik-Ibibio in 1991 and the University of Calabar where he obtained the Master of Arts (MA) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) both in Linguistics in 1998 and 2005 respectively. His university teaching career spans three federal universities – University of Uyo, University of Abuja and University of Calabar. He has served the university community in various capacities including the Acting Head of the Department of Linguistics and Nigerian Languages and the erstwhile Department of Linguistics and Communication Studies, University of Calabar (2016 – 2018). He is a member of several learned bodies including: West African Linguistic Society (WALS), Linguistic Association of Nigeria (LAN), Association of Nigerian Language Teachers (ANLAT), Association for Promoting Nigerian Languages and Culture (APNILAC), Linguistic Politeness Research Group (LPRG), Association for Language, Literature and Communication Studies (ALLC), American Studies Association of Nigeria (ASAN), Arts and Humanities Forum of the International Research and Development Institute. His research interest is majorly in the structural aspect of Ibibio language (syntax and morphology). However, he has also worked on other aspects of Ibibio including anthropological linguistics, sociolinguistics and general aspects of the Ibibio language. He is actively involved in the Nigerian language project where he anchors the north-eastern geopolitical zone. He is interested in the development of minority languages in Nigeria especially the languages of the south-south geopolitical zone of Nigeria. This interest in the development and projection of indigenous Nigerian languages necessitated his collaboration in the Nigerian Language Project. Though most of his publications are in aspects of Ibibio syntax, he has also published in anthropological and cultural aspects of the people of Ibibio. Dr. Udosen is the Editor of the Journal of Arts and Humanities in addition to the authorship of the book Nonphrasal Categories in Ibibio: A syntactic analysis, and co-authorship of other books and manuals including: Ñwed Ñkpasi Ñkọd Ye Uforo Akwa Ibom (Translation of Akwa Ibom State Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy), Yak Ikpeeb Ibibio, Tañ Nyʌñ Wet Ke Ibibio and Training Manual on Communication and Reading Skills for Primary School Teachers. He also participates in the translation of several books, materials and documents into the Ibibio language. He has several publications in learned journals and book chapters both locally and internationally. He has attended several conferences, workshops and seminars where he presented papers.

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Participant, 12th APNILAC annual conference.
Held in Imo State University, Owerri, November 19–24, 2007.
Start: Monday 19th November, 2007
End: Saturday 24th November, 2007
Participant, 10th APNILAC annual conference.
Held in Imo State University, Owerri, November 21–25, 2005.
Start: Monday 21st November, 2005
End: Sunday 25th November, 2018
5th Language and Technology Conference.
Participant, 5th Language and Technology Conference, LTC 2011 Poznan, Poland, November 25-27, 2011.
Start: Friday 25th November, 2011
End: Sunday 27th November, 2011
Critique Workshop of Translated IECD Curriculum Materials.
Resource Person, conference held in Shiroro Hotel, Minna, Niger State,10th – 13th September, 2009.
Start: Thursday 10th September, 2009
End: Thursday 13th September, 2018
Lead Paper Presenter, 1st Conference on Languages of Nigeria.
Held in University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, April 24th – 27th, 2017.
Start: Monday 24th April, 2017
End: Thursday 27th April, 2017
Participant, 11th APNILAC annual conference.
Held in Imo State University, Owerri,November 19–24, 2006.
Start: Sunday 19th November, 2006
End: Friday 24th November, 2006
Participant, 21st CLAN.
University of Uyo, November 13 – 17, 2007.
Start: Tuesday 13th November, 2007
End: Saturday 17th November, 2007
Resource Person, Workshop on Dialogue and Decision Making at the Local Government Level.
Workshop at Uyo, 9th – 17th November 2004.
Start: Tuesday 9th November, 2004
End: Wednesday 17th November, 2004
Participant, 13th APNILAC annual conference.
Held in Lagos State University, November 19–24, 2008
Start: Wednesday 19th November, 2008
End: Monday 24th November, 2008
Participant, 20th CLAN.
Conference University of Abuja, Abuja, FCT, November 13 – 17, 2006.
Start: Monday 13th November, 2006
End: Friday 17th November, 2006
National Institute of Nigerian Languages.
Conference held in (Aba Campus), Aba, Abia State, 2nd – 5th April, 2011.
Start: Saturday 2nd April, 2011
End: Tuesday 5th April, 2011
Participant, 1st Annual General Meeting and Conference of Alexander von Humboldt Club .
Held in Nigeria,Abuja,29th November – 2nd December 2004.
Start: Monday 29th November, 2004
End: Thursday 2nd December, 2004
Participant, 19th CLAN.
University of Nigeria, Nsukka, September 25 – 28, 2005.
Start: Sunday 25th September, 2005
End: Wednesday 28th September, 2005
Editorial Workshop of Translated IECD Curriculum Materials.
Resource Person,Workshop held in Shiroro Hotel, Minna, Niger State, 9th – 11th April,2010.
Start: Friday 9th April, 2010
End: Sunday 11th April, 2010
Translator, Translation workshop on Integrated Early Childhood Development policy and curriculum materials by Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) in collaboration with UNICEF.
Held at Dannic Hotels, Enugu, July 11 – 20, 2007.
Start: Wednesday 11th July, 2007
End: Friday 20th July, 2007
Participant, 26th WALC.
Conference held in University of Education, Winneba, Ghana, July 28 – August 3, 2008.
Start: Monday 28th July, 2008
End: Sunday 3rd August, 2008
Participant, 22nd CLAN.
Held in University of Maiduguri, November 9 – 13, 2008.
Start: Sunday 9th November, 2008
End: Thursday 13th November, 2008
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