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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: V

1Dr. VALENTINE CORNELIUS IKAMAISERadiography +23408035731144 View
2Dr. VERONICA NAKANDA EFFIOMSocial Science Education 2348160572075 View
3Dr. VERONICA, AKWENABUAYE UNDELIKWOSociology +2348027175636 View
4Dr. VICTOR OTU OKAPhysiology +23407039558117 View
5Prof. VICTOR O.Internal Medicine 08023573492 View
6Mr. VICTOR UDO NNAPhysiology 2348062665814 View
7Dr. VICTOR ESON ECOMAFine and Applied Arts 08050970762 View
8Dr. VICTOR ADOLF FISCHERAnatomy 23408037257797 View
9Dr. VICTOR OBULE EBUARAEducational Administration and Planning +23407030731334 View
10Mrs. VICTORIA BARRONG OGARBotany +2348034751382 View
11Mrs. VICTORIA MFON BASSEYPure and Applied Chemistry +23408036812697 View
12Mrs. VICTORIA I. EMEKAPhysical Oceanography +234080547564757 View
13Dr. VINCENT UGAH UGUMAArts Education +23407068618947 View
14Dr. VINCENT MADUKA UHEGBUInternal Medicine +2348068758341 View
15Dr. VITALIS UGOCHUKWU EKESpecial Education 2348030798967 View
16Mr. VLADMIR OBIM Geology +23407057027908 View