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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: U

1Mr. UBI ATEB PASCHALAccounting 5540308094011123 View
2Mr. UBI UBI OMINIPublic Administration 23408064897445 View
3Dr. UBLENI ETTAH EMANGHEMedical Microbiology/Parasitology +2348036057512 View
4Dr. UBONG EKPENYONG EYOReligious and Cultural Studies +2348037012079 View
5Dr. UBONG ANIEFIOK UDOHMedical Microbiology/Parasitology +2347067930213 View
6Prof. UCHE JACK OSIMIRIPrivate and Property Law 23408033090021 View
7Dr. UCHENNA EGODI AJAKEInstitute of Education 2347068540583 View
8Dr. UDE BASSEY OBETENSocial Work +2348037127382 View
9Dr. UDE BASSEY OBETENSocial Work +2348037127382 View
10Mr. UDEME EKWERE MORGANPublic Health 23408032535805 View
11Prof. UDEME ISONG ENINInstitute of Oceanography +2348052212459 View
12Dr. UDEME AKANINYENE UMOEducational Foundation +2348035532988 View
13Dr. UDEME UYOM UDOFIAZoology and Environmental Biology +2348037108324 View
14Dr. UDEME ESSIEN ASIBONGFamily Medicine 23408033381293 View
15Dr. UDEME IBANGA UDONGWOBusiness Management +2347062287538 View
16Mr. UDEMEOBONG EDET OKONPhysiology 2347038317285 View
17Dr. UDIBA UGUMANIM UDIBAZoology and Environmental Biology +2348037089625 View
18Mr. UDO NSIBIET ENEFIOKMathematics +23408130105082 View
19Mr. UDOAKA CHRISTOPHER OBOTBanking and Finance 2340108030745898 View
20Mr. UDONO EKPO NYABusiness Management 2340108033908001 View
21Dr. UDUAK IMO EKPOHEducational Administration and Planning 2348035471469 View
22Mr. UDUIGWOMEN GODSPOWER ANDREWHistory and International Studies +2348030946701 View
23Dr. UDUMO BASSEY OBETENEnvironmental Education +23408063842324 View
24Prof. UGAL, GODWIN AGOGOSocial Work +2348035491884 View
25Mrs. UGO SAMUEL BASSEYSociology 23408096728608 View
26Mr. UGUMANIM BASSEY OBOPolitical Science 2348034911119 View
27Dr. UKAH JULIUS UKAHCurriculum and Teaching 23408033009035 View
28Dr. UKAIDI CHRIS UNIMDEBESHIBusiness Management 08037208660 View
29Mr. UKET OFEM IKPIAgricultural Economics 8030867813 View
30Mr. UKOHA UKOHA KALUZoology and Environmental Biology +2348068347351 View
31Dr. UKPANUPONG RICHARD UNDIGWEUNDEYEBiochemistry 23408054693314 View
32Mr. UKPOR PETER AGIAccounting +2348035087373 View
33Dr. UKWEH OFONIME NKECHINYERERadiology +2348033368064 View
34Mrs. UMO FEHINTOLA ETIMPure and Applied Chemistry +23408067059606 View
35Mr. UNIMKE JEREMIAH ATELHEFine and Applied Arts 07038317497 View
36Mr. UNIMUYI PLACIDUS UBUAPure and Applied Chemistry +2348038607503 View
37Dr. UQUETAN IBOR UQUETANGeography and Environmental Science 2348066127806 View
38Prof. USANG EDET USANGSurgery +23408035523492 View
39Ms. USANG ANOK UKAMZoology and Environmental Biology +23407065235137 View
40Dr. USHIE MICHAEL ANAKESociology 54024208037341163 View
41Ms. USHIE ELIZABETH USHAMAFine and Applied Arts +23408164940684 View
42Dr. USHIE GODWIN BESHIBESHEBEContinuing Education/Developmental Studies 23408083491322 View
43Dr. USHIE GODWIN BESHIBESHEBEContinuing Education/Developmental Studies 2340803528079 View
44Dr. UTI EGBAI Philosophy 2348030946788 View
45Mr. UTULU PAUL BENEDICTPublic Administration 2348061663575 View
46Ms. UWANA ETIM AKPANEducational Foundation 08186651702 View
47Mr. UWEM OKON AKPANMedical Laboratory Science 23407031632967 View
48Dr. UZOMBA CHIGOZIE IKECHUKWUPaediatrics +2348023723609 View