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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: T

1Dr. TAKIM ASU OJUASocial Work 2348033363019 View
2Ms. THELMA AYA ABANGSociology 23408039646709 View
3Dr. THERESA EKPENYONG ISAMOHAnatomy 23408081418519 View
4Mrs. THERESA ARIT EFFIONGInstitute of Oceanography 23408033507507 View
5Prof. THERESA BASSEY EKANEMAnatomy 23408037269279 View
6Mr. THOMAS ODEY MAGUPure and Applied Chemistry +23477829220 View
7Mr. THOMAS EGAGA USHIEPhilosophy +2348058554569 View
8Mr. THOMAS EGAGA USHIEPhilosophy +2348058554569 View
9Mr. THOMAS ERASMUS NKUPrivate and Property Law 23408034742832 View
10Dr. THOMAS ADIDAUMBE UGBEStatistics +23408160980759 View
11Mr. TOKUNBO ALAGA OLORUNDAMIGeography and Environmental Science 23409033639027 View
12Prof. TOM EBITU EZEKIELMarketing +2348039451333 View
13Dr. TONY MARAIZU ALUKAFamily Medicine +23408036686988 View