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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: S

1Mr. SAMSON OMINI PAULINUSRadiography +23408039515586 View
2Dr. SAMUEL SUNDAY AKPANMedical Laboratory Science +2348038036490 View
3Dr. SAMUEL MANYO TAKONBanking and Finance 08033904506 View
4Mr. SAMUEL OKPON EKAETTEEducational Administration and Planning 2348032776220 View
5Mr. SAMUEL NDEM ETIMMarketing 08062823090 View
6Mr. SAMUEL ABDULLAHI Business Management +2348032955754 View
7Mr. SAMUEL EDEM OKON-EDEMBiochemistry 23408182748605 View
8Mr. SAMUEL EDET ETIMBusiness Management 08135633389 View
9Mr. SAMUEL ORIM Special Education +23408055678108 View
10Mr. SANDA FRANCIS ADEMOLACurriculum and Teaching 2348030659226 View
11Dr. SANDY OJANG ONORHistory and International Studies +23408030998460 View
12Prof. SARAH NICHOLAS ODENInstitute of Education 2348037101723 View
13Prof. SATURDAY JOB ETUKObstetrics and Gynaecology +2348033172687 View
14Dr. SCHOLASTICA CYRIL OKONEducational Administration and Planning 54022208034509445 View
15Mr. SELONG UNANAONWI EDEMGeology +2347034471211 View
16Dr. SIDNEY KELECHI OPARAHInternal Medicine +2348037237760 View
17Mr. SIJEH AGBOR ASUKForestry & Wildlife Res. MGT. +2348064636630 View
18Engr. SIMEON EBAHE OKACHIElectrical and Electronic Engineering +2347034568247 View
19Prof. SIMON ODEY ERINGSociology 08033488197 View
20Mr. SIMON ALAIN INAHScience and Lab. Technology +2348094984005 View
21Prof. SIMON PETER IMAJEPolitical Science 23408033487169 View
22Prof. SIMON JAMES UTSALOMedical Laboratory Science +2348036689840 View
23Dr. SIMON IDOKO OKWECHEForestry & Wildlife Res. MGT. +2347034967125 View
24Prof. SIMON ELLE MAJUKHistory and International Studies +2340805775959 View
25Mr. SOLOMON OFFEM IYAMMicrobiology 52304208175372807 View
26Dr. SOTER AMEH Community Medicine +2348050419859 View
27Mrs. SOVEREIGN FELIX NYONGSociology 2348055659238 View
28Mr. STANLEY OBIALOR ANYANWUMedical Laboratory Science +23408037358998 View
29Mr. STANLEY OBIALOR ANYANWUMedical Laboratory Science +2348037358998 View
30Dr. STELLA JACKS CHINYEREGuidance and Counselling +2348023812568 View
31Prof. STELLA AJAH EFFAH-ATTOEHistory and International Studies +23408037871752 View
32Prof. STELLA AJAH EFFAH-ATTOEHistory and International Studies +2348037871752 View
33Dr. STELLA OYOM BASSEYBiochemistry +23408037134778 View
34Dr. STELLA BASSEY ESUABANAGuidance and Counselling 2347035448948 View
35Dr. STEPHEN ADI ODEYSociology 23408034010379 View
36Prof. SUNDAY WILLIAMSON PETTERSGeology +2348023178900 View
37Dr. SUNDAY ASUQUO EFFIONGAccounting +23408083563233 View
38Prof. SUNDAY WILLIAMSON PETTERSGeology +2348023178900 View
39Dr. SUNDAY AGBA BISONGPhysiology 2348034638115 View
40Dr. SUNDAY TASEN OKUNEEnglish & Literary Studies +23407052417140 View
41Prof. SUNDAY BEN EKANEMGenetics and Biotechnology +2348036725853 View
42Mr. SUNDAY BETEMBIAYE ABUNIMYEPolitical Science 2348062862951 View
43Dr. SUNDAY DAVID EDINYANGSocial Science Education 2348064676750 View
44Dr. SUNDAY AFU MARCUSSoil Science 8139026307 View
45Dr. SUNDAY ISAAC ENEHBusiness Management 08035088712 View
46Dr. SUSANA BEN OHENAgricultural Economics +2347065694354 View
47Prof. SYLVANUS OBI ABANGAgricultural Economics +2348037068719 View
48Dr. SYLVESTER CHIKA OHADOMAPharmacology 23408035081946 View
49Prof. SYLVESTER PETER ANTAIMicrobiology +2348037262536 View
50Dr. SYLVESTER ETENIKANG ABESHIObstetrics and Gynaecology +2348056381130 View
51Prof. SYLVIA BASSEY AKPASSAMCrop Science 7034966700 View