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List of All Academic Staff in the University | with FirstNames starting with: R

1Prof. RAPHAEL PIUS ABIASociology 23407038982002 View
2Mr. RAYMOND EKONG EWOROMedical Laboratory Science +2348069363545 View
3Dr. RAYMOND AJANG ODEYZoology and Environmental Biology +2348037084872 View
4Dr. REAGAN BESSONG AGBORGenetics and Biotechnology +2348063430125 View
5Mrs. REBECCA ENUOH Business Management +2348034719392 View
6Dr. REBECCA ENUOH Business Management 2348034719392 View
7Mrs. REGINA ANOH ADOForestry & Wildlife Res. MGT. 7062340883 View
8Dr. REGINA ETITA ELLANursing Science +2348033582862 View
9Dr. REGINA EDEM AGBULUInternal Medicine +2348056580157 View
10Mr. REMIGUS ASOCHUKWU UMUNNAHMechanical Engineering +2348038744144 View
11Dr. RIJAMI GODWIN EKPOSurgery 08033794394 View
12Dr. RITA A. NDIFONCurriculum and Teaching 2348027712133 View
13Dr. ROBERT BASSEY MGBEOrtorhinolaryncology +2348037965896 View
14Mr. ROLAND OCHEN MENGETHistory and International Studies 08179472381 View
15Mr. ROLAND OKAYI IPUOLEPrivate and Property Law 23408068888938 View
16Mr. ROMEO AKOMBI OJONGGeology +2347034364648 View
17Dr. ROSE OHIAMAPrivate and Property Law 23480331889593 View
18Prof. ROSELINE EDOM TAWOGuidance and Counselling 2348037058000 View
19Dr. ROSEMARY INE ENEJISociology +2347068457725 View
20Ms. ROSEMARY ANIETIE BASSEYBotany +2348162897805 View
21Dr. RUFUS CHIKA OKOROPhysics 2348035082532 View